Saltwater Taffy Is Ready for Adoption

It is always nice when humans take in special needs cats.  And while Saltwater Taffy is not a diabetic cat like me, she definitely has challenges that she’s overcome.  A diabetic cat’s condition is hidden, and only gets revealed when the humans in white coats test our blood.  But Saltwater Taffy’s condition was obvious to anyone who looked.  As her name probably told you, she has twisted legs.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants You to Meet Saltwater TaffyThe Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia took in this tiny little kitten with the legs that weren’t normal, and her foster human took good care of her.  Her foster human said that Saltwater Taffy’s legs reminded her of lobster claws.

Saltwater Taffy had a lot of challenges to overcome, but her biggest one was just getting into an organization and finding a foster human that would take care of her.  She did, and she grew into a feisty and happy cat who doesn’t let her lobster claw legs stop her.

You can see that her biscuit making skills are not limited at all by her condition.  And she’s a very loving and affectionate cat!

In some ways, her legs make her even more adorable.  Cats like me, Jacey, and Marley, when we get excited, scamper around the house, and talk loudly to our human.  Especially Jacey.  She talks all the time — even when she is sleeping!

But Saltwater Taffy’s legs don’t allow her to run around like us.  So when she gets excited, what she does is run around like a crab, fall over, and then all of the fur on her back stands up!  It’s very cute, but it is definitely not what the felines in my home do. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Saltwater Taffy

If you think you are the right human to give this special cat a furever home, there is great news.  She is now available for adoption.  If you’re interested, there are two forms you need to fill out.  And her foster humans are very protective, so you will have to consent to a home visit.

You may not be the right human to take in Saltwater Taffy, but since you love a diabetic cat like me I am sure you loved reading about another special needs cat.

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