Another Cat Rescued from the Garbage

There are so many stories of animal abuse or neglect, and they bother me.  If a human doesn’t like a cat or dog, that’s fine.  But do not abuse us!  Whether they are a diabetic cat like me, or a tiny little kitten, we felines should not be abused.

Some cruel human decided that after neglecting a kitten, they would dump her in a tightly sealed bag full of beer cans into a dumpster.  These are humans which do not deserve the respect that I give my humans and those like you who care about us felines.  First, beer cans should be recycled so that you humans do not pollute the environment more.  And more importantly, if you don’t like us felines, leave us alone.  Do not throw us into the trash!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Annie Oakley is SafeFortunately for this kitten, who has been named Annie Oakley, a kind human heard her faint cries, and ripped open the bag.  She found a very weak kitten covered in beer and fleas.  When the humans in white coats looked at her, they found she had fleas, tapeworms, a head tilt due to a neurological condition or abuse, and she was very dehydrated and malnourished.

Annie Oakley was taken to the Portage Animal Protective League.  The humans in white coats immediately treated her with a bath, fluids, medicine for her fleas and tapeworms and most importantly, lots of love.

This poor kitten is on the way to recovery.  She is putting on weight and the kind humans at the Portage Animal Protective League say that hopefully, within a few weeks, she will be able to go to a human who will protect her and care for her unlike the evil human who dumped her in the trash.

Every time I hear stories of abused animals, I realize that being a diabetic cat isn’t so bad.  My human protects and cares for me.  I hope that soon Annie Oakley will be able to say the same.

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