Excess Capacity of Humans in White Coats

“This is interesting, Bagheera.”

“What is, human?”

“It seems like there are more humans in white coats that are needed to provide all the services pets like you need.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Doesn't do this With Humans in White Coats“I think one human in a white coat is too many.  I do not like what they do to me.”

“Bagheera, don’t say that.  All of the humans in white coats that you have ever been seen by like you.  They do those things so that you can stay healthy.  And don’t forget, if it wasn’t for the humans in the white coats, we wouldn’t know you are a diabetic cat and you would have gotten very sick.”

“I suppose you are right, human, but that doesn’t mean I have to like what they do to me.”

“Well, Bagheera, when you get annoyed enough with them, they’ll stop.  Just like last time.  So be nice to them.”

It’s important to know that while the American Veterinary Medical Association says that there are 11,250 humans in white coats who are not being fully utilized and there are 90,200 of them in total, it does not mean that these humans in white coats are not working.  It means that they have the ability to do more work.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is Glad There are Humans in White CoatsHalf of the humans in white coats do not have practices that are fully utilized because of the economy.  Many caretakers of felines and canines have stopped going to the humans in white coats because of financial concerns.  I am very lucky as a diabetic cat to have a human who has enough of those green paper things to be able to take care of my condition.  But he tells me that many humans do not have enough green paper things to take care of themselves, much less their animal companions.

But there is an upside to having too many humans in white coats.  All the talent and training will come in helpful if there is some kind of new disease that takes hold among animals.  And remember, while most of you humans go to the place with the humans in white coats to take care of felines and canines, there is a need for you humans to take care of the ones who provide us with meat.

Please help the humans in white coats stay busy by making sure you take the animals you care for to them regularly.  Remember, if my human didn’t, we’d never have learned I was diabetic and then I would have gotten very sick.

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