Facebook Helps Rescue Cat Stuck on Pole

We felines are known for climbing up on things that we cannot get down from.  Our claws only go one way, so we are good at getting up things, but not good at getting down from them.  That is what happened to one of my fellow felines in Amarillo, Texas.

The cat, who has now been named Xcel, climbed up a 30 foot pole and got stuck.  The humans around the area called animal control, but were told that animal control would not come out to help the cat.  Then they called the fire department, but the fire department told them that they did not come out to rescue cats anymore.  Finally, they called the utility company whose pole the cat was stuck on.  And they were told that the utility company would not respond.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad This Cat Was RescuedFor three days, the poor cat was stuck up on the pole.  It is a good thing the cat was not a diabetic cat like me.  Three days without food or insulin for a diabetic cat could be life threatening!

It was a Facebook post from a local news channel that managed to get some action.  The post read “this cat has been stuck atop a power line for three days. Neighbors have tried to coerce him down with food, tried calling Xcel animal control, and the fire department, but nobody will help. He’s panting and swaying in the wind. Neighbors are calling it animal cruelty that no one will help. What do you think?”

After reading that post, the local utility company, which owned the pole which the cat had climbed, dispatched a truck with a cherry picker.  And in just a few minutes, Xcel was rescued. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is glad this Cat Was Rescued

Xcel, who was well known among the neighborhood as a friendly feral cat, was taken in by one of the humans living in the area.  The human said “I was not giving up until he was safe He is now napping in the top of my daughters closet on some blankets!”  The next stop for Xcel is the place with the humans in white coats so everyone can be sure he is healthy.

Xcel is another cat who reminds me that even a diabetic cat like me who has a home is far better off than many cats out there.  I am glad he was rescued and now has a home!

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2 Replies to “Facebook Helps Rescue Cat Stuck on Pole”

  1. I agree Bagheera, we are very lucky compared to a lot of kitties. I am grateful Xoel has found a happy ending with a forever family out of this. I think it is shameful, as does my human, that so many agencies would not help until they were publicly shamed in to doing so. How long does it take to send a few men with a cherry picker truck? Especially when mew are talking about an innocent life. If that were our local utility company who refused to help in the beginning my human says we would have called and chewed/hissed them out! We would have demanded as long paying customers and givers to the payment assistance plan, that they get their behinds out there and help another living soul. I reminded my human about their stupid newsletters that refer to the board and customers as ‘family’ and ‘partners’, and the hippocrates they would be not to help a little cat. She says I should remember this in case, Bastet forbid, this ever happens in our neighborhood. I will do so because I refuse to let any of my fellow felines suffer. Mewmew!

    1. Yes, it is very sad that they had to be shamed into doing something that took only a few minutes once they were there! I am glad that they finally did the right thing and that our fellow feline is okay.

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