Which Rescue Won the Bags of Food?

“Hey, human.”

“Yes, Bagheera?”

“You have some work to do.”

“Why’s that?”

“You have to tell my fans who won the free bags of Hill’s Science Diet Grain Free food.  And you have to tell them why this food can be good for some cats they may have taken in.”

“I know, Bagheera.”

“Then what are you waiting for, human?  Get to work!  It’s a good thing you take my treatment as a diabetic cat more seriously than you take this.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy to Give Away This Food!There were many good organizations that entered to win a bag of Hill’s Science Diet Grain Free food.  But I could only give two of them the food, and so I asked you humans to help me.

I am happy to announce that the winners are Michigan Cat Rescue and Tenth Life Cat Rescue.  I have shared stories with you about both of these organizations.

Michigan Cat Rescue does a lot of good Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy Michigan Cat Rescue Gets Free Food!work, and I have written about two of the cats they have worked with.  The first one was Bindy, who was abused because the cruel humans who were keeping her said she was a bad cat for getting pregnant.  Then I shared the story about Treasure, who Michigan Cat Rescue found by a dumpster in a tightly sealed box marked garbage.

And you are very familiar with the ambassador for Tenth Life, my good furiend Lincoln.  These kind humans take in felines just like LincolnBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy to Give Tenth Life Free Food!.  They take in special needs cats who do not have a good chance of being adopted at other animal rescue groups, and make sure these felines have a chance to find a loving home.  The challenges some of these felines face makes a diabetic cat’s challenge look easy.  But Tenth Life takes them in and gives them a chance to thrive, just like Lincoln.

The kind humans at Hill’s Science Diet will be sending a 20 pound bag of their Grain Free Food to the two winners.  Humans in white coats advised Hill’s Science Diet on how to formulate this food so that it’s nutritionally balanced.  Grain free food also helps some of my fellow felines who have a sensitive stomach from getting digestive problems.

It is very important to remember that grain free does not mean low carbohydrate, especially for diabetic cats like me.  Make sure you check the nutritional labels before you purchase a food if there’s a special condition you need to treat.

For the organizations that did not win, do not worry.  I will be able to give away some food next month, and I will give those organizations a chance to win.

In order to be able to give these two rescues this food, I had to agree to work with Hill’s Science Diet.  But I would only share information with you that you would find interesting.  They are not responsible for anything that comes out of my mouth — like a human could control a feline?

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2 Replies to “Which Rescue Won the Bags of Food?”

  1. MEWHEEEEHEEE! That’s right Bagheera, I’d love to see a human try and control what we do and say! Mew are very kind and generous to use mewz blog as a forum to help cats with special needs and ones in need of homes. These rescues appreciate the food a lot I’m sure as many operate on small budgets, often never having enough to help all that need it. Every little bit helps. I think maybe mew should have a review session with mewz human/Dad about the rules they as mewz servant, must follow. I myself sometimes have to take the upper paw with my human when she starts slacking!

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