Sad My Fellow Diabetic Cat Nelson Is Gone

You will remember that I told you about the wonderful feline Dexter the Therapy Cat.  There are approximately 200 therapy cats in the United States, so that makes Dexter one very unique cat!

Dexter is not the only feline that his humans take care of.  They were taking care of not just one, but two diabetic cats!  And both of them are older cats, so that meant that these humans were very kind to take in these felines.  Older cats have a strike against them, and diabetic cats complicate things more.  Only very special humans would take in cats like these.

My Fellow Diabetic Cat PiperPiper was living with humans who could not commit to treating him, because they were traveling a lot.  One of his humans is a pilot, so when Dexter’s humans said they would take Piper in, he was flown directly to them.  He is an alpha cat, and loves his current humans on his own terms.  Since being adopted by his current humans, he has gained back all the weight he lost due to being a diabetic cat who wasn’t being treated.  And he is a feline that actually says “nom nom nom” when he eats!

The other diabetic cat who was sharing a home with Dexter until recentlMy Fellow Diabetic Cat Nelson Has Left Usy was Nelson.  Nelson, in addition to being a diabetic cat and a senior cat, was a black cat.  The poor feline basically had three strikes against him.  But something about his picture spoke to the human who would adopt him.  She called the Cat’s Cradle Shelter in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and flew to Washington, DC to meet him.  This cat, who had been diagnosed with feline diabetes at nine, quickly worked his way into his human’s heart.

She said that she wished he was three instead of 13, because he had so much love to give.  And because of his diabetes, he had neuropathy and dilated eyes, but other than that, Nelson was healthy.

Sadly, Nelson’s health took a turn for the worse recently.  At first, his humans thought that he was getting better, because they did not have to give him insulin for many days in a row and they were only giving him a small dose when he needed it.  But Nelson was not eating as much, and his human took him to the humans in white coats because they were concerned.

My Fellow Diabetic Cat Nelson Has Left UsAfter multiple visits, Nelson was diagnosed with a very rare condition called chyloabdomen.  This was very bad.  Poor Nelson was accumulating fluid in his abdomen, which is why he was not eating.  When he went to the humans in white coats that made the diagnosis, nearly three pounds of fluid was drained from him!

Nelson’s humans were torn.  They were forced to consider surgery for Nelson, with the odds uncertain since the condition is so rare.  Or, because they were seeing the special light that Nelson had dim, they could take Nelson to the humans in white coats one last time to show the ultimate act of love a human can show a feline.

Sadly, Nelson’s condition worsened, and they were left with no choice.  Last night, they took Nelson to the humans in white coats one last time, and he got one last shot to help him go peacefully.  Still, Nelson managed to defy the odds.  His personality shone through enough that he was able to get a human to adopt him despite being a senior cat with diabetes with black fur.

I am sad that Nelson is gone, but I am happy that he and his humans got to enjoy a little over a year full of love and happiness together.

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4 Replies to “Sad My Fellow Diabetic Cat Nelson Is Gone”

  1. We loved Nelson unconditionally. We adopted him knowing he was diabetic. We had no experience managing a diabetic but we have lots of experience with many other kinds of special needs cats so his diabetes did not scare us. Together we learned how to home test and change his diet. He was always so well behaved when getting his ear tested. Either of us could do it ourselves but we usually did it as a pair because then we could love on Nelly a little extra. I think he looked forward to his testing and shot times because we made it such a happy time for him.

    1. My human loves me, too and I am glad he is willing to deal with my challenges. But the ear sticks are like him holding me. I will tolerate it, but I do not like it. You are a very kind human to take in two diabetic cats!

  2. Mwah! I have not been on Facebook a lot recently and didn’t know he was sick. I will leave my condolences on Dexter’s page– his humans are wonderful people. I think he looks very distinguished in these photos, how could any one NOT have a heart for a cat like Nelson? My angel sister Černy and I were lucky to adopt our human sisters ten years ago when we were older cats with a rare auto immune condition at the shelter. Černy like Nelson was also a panther, and had been abused horribly as a kitten. She persevered and blossomed in to a funny, super smart and loving ladycat but then sadly developed cancer at age 10. We miss her, as I’m sure Dexter and family will miss Nelson but they can be comforted in knowing they gave him the best life during his last days, a loving family. Mew are so right again Bagheera, it does take special humans to see the worth in such a cat as Nelson and his brothers.

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