Some Cats Like to Be Held By Humans?

“Human, I have a question for you.”

“What is, it, Bagheera?”

“This article in Catster says that some felines like to be held by their humans.”

“Yes, Bagheera, it’s true.  It would make it a lot easier to give you the treatment you need as a diabetic cat if you enjoyed being held.”

“Forget it, human.  You know I have always only tolerated being held by you and don’t like it.  I think felines who like to be held are strange.  Pepe did not like it, Jacey doesn’t like it, and Marley won’t even let you think about it.  That is four of us who do not like being held.”

“Well, there are some cats who like it, Bagheera.”

“Not us.”

Why do some cats not Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Likes the Way This Cat Is Being Heldwant to be picked up?  Some of us just don’t like it.  Catster tells a story of a feline named Baxter, who even had a behavioral expert try to pick him up.  But even this expert knew better than to hold Baxter for too long.  He would tolerate being held for about a ten count, and then the claws would come out.

And then there is the problem with humans who do not know how to pick us up properly.  If you are going to do it, what you want to do is put one hand on our body under our front legs, and then use your other handBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad This Cat Likes Being Held to support the rear part of our body.  If we felines are comfortable at that point, we will put our paws on your shoulders and if we really trust you, we may even start to purr.

Now knowing how to do this and actually doing it are two different things.  Both the feline and the human have to feel the love for each other.  And when that happens, it can be a very happy moment.  That is what happened to one of the humans at Catster.  He absolutely adored one of his felines, and that adoration was mutual.  So one day, he just decided to pick up the cat.  This is what happened, accompanied by a lot of purring.

My human thinks that it would be easier for him to give me the treatment I need as a diabetic cat if I would tolerate him holding me.  That is not going to happen.  But if you have the right feline and the right human, it can be very nice!

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2 Replies to “Some Cats Like to Be Held By Humans?”

  1. We have two cats that love to be put over our shoulder and carried around. They make biscuits with their feet while their arms are hanging down our back so you know they enjoy it. Nelson, who just passed, would crawl onto our laps and give us hugs and then sink down and loved to be held upside down like a baby. It is rare for a cat to like to be held belly side up for very long but Nelson would stay like that for hours. It was a very special bond we shared with him.

    1. Nelson definitely was a very special feline, as I don’t even like it when my human gives me a tummy rub for too long. To be held like that? Forget it. Jacey kind of likes to be held, but she does it on her terms. The human will be sitting, and she will hop on him and allow him to cradle her. But pick her up and carry her around? Forget it.

      Dexter must be very good at tolerating being held because he is a therapy cat.

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