Special Needs Cat Clovis Is Doing Better

I have introduced you to many special needs cats.  Some of them are diabetic cats like me, and I have a special bond with all my fellow sugar cats.  But many of them are not.  And some of them have conditions that the humans in white coats cannot explain.  That is what happened with the feline I am going to introduce you to today, Clovis.

Clovis was born on a barn in Madison, Wisconsin.  My human tells me that it gets cold there, even colder than it did in Maryland, and much colder than it ever gets here in San Diego!  So even we felines with fur get cold.  And when those white things you humans call snow fall from the sky, it is even worse!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Does Not Miss This!In November 2008, the first big snow storm of the year arrived in Madison.  All of the siblings of Clovis managed to get into the barn so they could get out of the cold snow.  She was very cold and confused, but a nice human came along.  But Clovis was scared, and she tried to run away.  She was so cold and weak that she fell, and the human picked her up and put her in a nice warm jacket.  Clovis thanked this kind human with purrs.

She was so tired that when sheBagheera the Diabetic Cat Sends Healing Thoughts to Clovis got to a nice warm home with her own bed and noms, she slept for two whole days.  She only woke up to drink and go to the bathroom.

Clovis started having some problems as she got older.  And nobody, not even the humans in white coats, could tell why.  She started to have some problems with her hind legs, and then she started to have problems breathing.  But her human found some different humans in white coats, and they have treated her conditions as best they can.

Recently, Clovis was having some problems, and she threw up with bright red blood in the vomit.  Her humans went to the humans in white coats and got some medicine for her, which for a change she took without a fuss.  And it seems to have worked, as she is doing much better.  She is tired, which is to be expected, but she is in better spirits and she is still her to give her humans much love. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Sends Healing Thoughts to Clovis

Please send my fellow special needs cat Clovis healing thoughts.  In some ways I am lucky because a diabetic cat like me has a fairly easy treatment plan.  But Clovis does not, and she needs all the healing thoughts she can get.

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