Some Exciting News for Tenth Life Cats!

You know that Tenth Life Cats is one of my favorite charities, and I have shared the stories of how many of the cats they have helped recover.  The most famous one is Lincoln, whose story is miraculous and inspiring.  Lincoln’s recovery and the dedication of his human, who nursed him from an immobile ball of fur that could only move his eyes to the active and playful cat he is today is amazing.  The challenge he overcame made the ones I face as a diabetic cat look easy! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Tenth Life Cats

Well, Tenth Life is based in St. Louis, and they have a baseball team called the Cardinals that has just clinched a spot in the playoffs.  So the humans at Tenth Life are naturally happy.  As an aside, even a feline like me is impressed by the reaction time that baseball batters have.  They might need to react as fast as we felines do to get that stick to hit that ball.  It would be interesting to see who has to react more quickly — a feline stalking prey or a baseball player trying to get a hit.

The founder of Tenth Life will get quite an honor.  She has been selected to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game between the Cardinals and their rivals from Chicago, the Cubs.  They are very excited to have the chance to highlight the good work Tenth Life does in front of a very big crowd of humans.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Likes This Tenth Life ShirtIn order to make sure the humans in the crowd remember Tenth Life and what they do for my fellow felines, they have created a shirt just for the occasion.  It’s quite nice, and I told my human he should get one.  He told me that he cannot do it because there is a baseball team that plays just a few blocks away from us here in San Diego so he cannot wear shirts from other teams.

But he told me that Jacey, Marley and I could get it and sleep on it, as long as we agree to not fight and share the space.  I told him that Jacey and I will, but Marley may not.  But he said that all three of us had to share so I guess we will not get the shirt right now.

Let’s hope that we can make him get the shirt for us.  But even if he doesn’t, Tenth Life definitely deserves a hand for the work they do to help cats who have conditions far worse than a diabetic cat’s.

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