Diabetic Cat Guapo Needs a New Home

You know that as a diabetic cat, I share a bond with all the felines out there who are fighting that disease.  Today I want to share the story of Guapo, who is fighting not just feline diabetes, but FIV.

Can you help my fellow diabetic cat Guapo find a home?Guapo was a well taken care of cat, and his human adored him.  Sadly, his human got sick, and is no longer able to take care of him.  So Guapo, which means handsome in Spanish, had to go to a rescue.  Pawsitive Karma Rescue,  which is located near Austin, Texas, took in Guapo, raised money for his care, and found a group of humans in white coats who were willing to take in Guapo temporarily.

Because of the declining health of his human, Guapo had not received the treatment he needed.  He was suffering from a bacterial infection in both eyes, and he was diagnosed as a diabetic cat who also has FIV. Let's Find Diabetic Cat Guapo a Home!

Guapo is receiving treatment from the humans in white coats, and he is doing much better.  His eye infection has cleared up, and he is become more active and more vocal.  Guapo really loves attention and affection, and he enjoys giving it back.  Thanks to some very generous humans who donated those green paper things to Pawsitive Karma, Guapo’s medical and boarding expenses are being taken care of.

But Guapo cannot stay with the humans with with coats forever.  He needs to find a foster home, or even better a furever home.  The human who ends up with Guapo will find he is a very friendly feline.  He loves to be brushed and pet, especially around his chin and cheeks.  And he is crazy about catnip.  Bring out the catnip and this feline will roll around in it like a young little kitten!

Pawsitive Karma has been able to raise money for Guapo’s care, and they have many volunteers who are happy to help with treating him.  But they cannot find him a foster or furever home.  Can you help my fellow diabetic cat?

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