What Kind of Insulin Do Diabetic Cats Get?

One of the humans who likes my Facebook page wrote in and asked me a question.  She is taking care of a diabetic cat, and he is on a different type of insulin than I am.  She has heard that other felines who have gotten different types of insulin have had better results.  She had heard stories about how felines on one type of insulin had actually gone into remission.  This is when diabetic cats no longer need to receive insulin shots because their blood sugar levels are kept in check with diet alone.

She wanted to know what kind of insulin I am on and whether I had heard of any cats that went into remission using a certain type of insulin.

Now, remember, what I will share with you is just from the experience of one feline.  Before you think about doing anything to treat your diabetic cat, make sure that you talk to the humans in white coBagheera the Diabetic Cat Used This Insulinats!

I have heard about three types of insulin that are used to treat diabetic cats.  I have been on two of them.  The first insulin I was on was called Prozinc.  It is a protamine zinc insulin that was specifically designed for diabetic cats, and it is made by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica.  Many cats use this and they have good results.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat uses This Insulin

Because I was not responding well to treatment with Prozinc, the humans in white coats decided to try a different type of insulin.  I am now on Levemir, made by Novo Nordisk.  This one is designed for humans, but it has been found to be effective for felines as well.  It’s a form of insulin which you cannot find in nature, but it has the same effects as anything that nature would create.  I’ve seen better results with this form of insulin.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Has Never Tried This InsulinFinally, Sanofi-Aventis makes a form of insulin called Lantus.  One of the benefits according to the manufacturer of this form of insulin is that it is extremely long lasting, with benefits lasting from 18-26 hours.  On top of this, they also say that it doesn’t have a peak or nadir.  You can imagine that this helps humans who do not have to monitor the blood sugar levels of their diabetic cat.

All of these types of insulin have their advantages, and regardless of what insulin you treat your diabetic cat with, it is possible for the diabetes to go into remission.  The key is to give your felines a low carbohydrate diet and make sure they get the insulin they need.  Hopefully they will go into remission, but if not, you are making sure they are being properly cared for.

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    1. I am not familiar with that insulin but as long as it is working and keeping your feline’s blood sugar levels in check, that is good! Purrs and head bonks to you for coming by.

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