Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue Helps Cats

You humans may know that one of my favorite charities is Diabetic Cats in Need.  The reason is obvious — as a diabetic cat, how could I not support an organization that has saved more than 600 diabetic cats?

But there are many other organizations that do good work and help my fellow felines.  One of them is Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue.  They are located in southeastern Wisconsin, and they are the largest purebred cat rescue organization in the midwest.

Many popular breeds of cats, such as ragdolls, Siamese, Persians, Himalayans and yes, bengals like me, are victims of our own success.  Many humans take us home but do not realize that we have special care requirements and there are many quirks associated with us that humans bringing us home must be prepared for.  For example, I say that Jacey is talkative and a chatterbox.  Compared to a Siamese, she is a quiet cat.  And while bengals like me are very active, intelligent, and athletic and love to find ways to get in trouble, we do not need the grooming that Himalayans need.

Because their humans are not properly prepared for their needs, many of these cats end up abandoned, neglected, or sent to high kill shelters.  That is where the humans at Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue step in.  They take in felines who would likely be euthanized immediately at a shelter due to their medical conditions, treat them, and send them to foster homes with humans who know how to provide the care these breeds need.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad this Ragdoll Found a Good Home

You can see in the picture above what it means for the felines this rescue helps.

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue has to spend a lot of those green paper things to provide this care for the up to 40 cats they can help at any time.  They run through $7,000 in medical expenses every month!  To put that in perspective, that is almost five years of treatment for a diabetic cat like me!

They are always in need of more foster homes and for donations.  If you’d like to help, please visit their website or their Facebook page and volunteer or donate.  If you can’t do this, just share their story so that someone who can help will do so.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad This Cat Found a HomeYou will be helping another feline like this one get the chance to live in a loving home it deserves.

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