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I hope all of you kind humans are enjoying your weekend.  Right after the human gave me the insulin shot I need as a diabetic cat, he became a source of amusement for me and Jacey.  He thinks there is something wrong with the bathtub because the water is not going out as quickly as it used to.  Jacey and I do not mind, because it means we can splash the water around more after he takes a shower, but he says this is bad.  So he has been fussing around that tub trying to fix this, and Jacey and I found it very entertaining.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants You to Help Rebuild ThisIt is good that I was entertained, because I have some sad news to share.  On September 14, a fire broke out at Mid Hudson Animal Aid‘s isolation area, where felines who have just been taken in go so that if they are sick or need special care, the humans there can treat them.  This fire claimed the lives of eight of my fellow felines, and three more had to go to see the humans in white coats for emergency care.  Six of them escaped the fire, but got scared by it and went hiding in the woods behind the shelter.

At the time of the fire, these dedicated humans were taking care of more than 160 of my fellow felines who had been abused, abandoned, or neglected.  So it is always sad when one of my fellow felines does not make it, but they did an amazing job of rescuing most of the cats under their care.

It is expensive for humans to treat diabetic cats like me, but the cost of doing that is very small compared to what Mid Hudson Animal Aid needs to rebuild the shelter.  They do not have enough green paper things to rebuild, so they are asking for help. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Help these Humans

You can help them by going to their Petcaring donation page, or by contacting them to find out what supplies they need or to offer your home as a foster home.  They need 80,000 of those green paper things, and so far they have raised a little over 55,000 of them.

Please help in any way you can.  If you can’t donate green paper things, contact them to see if they need supplies.  If you can’t help with that, then share this with other humans so that this wonderful rescue can get the help they need.

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