Sushi the Cat Returns Home After Two Years

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of a rescue organization that needs help rebuilding after a fire.  Today I want to share with you the story of a cat who returned home two years after she went missing because of another fire.  As a diabetic cat, this is something I could not do, because I would get very sick if I did not get treated with insulin.  So it is good that Sushi is not a special needs cat, but her story is very special.

In 2011, the area around Austin, Texas experienced very bad wildfires.  The humans who were taking care of Sushi had no choice but to evacuate.  But Sushi did not like all the noise and activity.  Her human said that because of the fires, there were “people with megaphones telling us to leave, helicopters going over the house dredging water from our reservoir lake to drop on neighborhood fires, fire volunteers setting break fires around us and amplified car traffic as people left.”  Sushi did not like this, and she went hiding.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy Sushi is Back HomeBut two years later, one of the humans who Sushi lived with saw a skinny cat lurking around the bushes.  He did not believe his eyes, and he didn’t think it could be Sushi.  But it was!  And it is not surprising that Sushi was very hungry after two years in the wild and did not stop eating the whole time that she was being carried into the house.

What was surprising was that Sushi was acting much more aggressively than she did before she was lost.  Her humans thought it was because she had gotten tougher or more wild after living on her own for two years.  But they got another surprise a few days later when they let Sushi roam the house.

A little black kitten was on the porch, looking for Sushi.  The kitten, who has since been named Ninja, was likely the reason why Sushi was so anxious.  She had adopted him and protected him, and she was worried that he did not have any food.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad these Two Are Home

Sushi was very protective of Ninja, but he has warmed to the humans.  She taught him that they were okay by letting them pet and hold her while Ninja watched.  She also taught him how to use the litter box and do other things cats living with humans do.  The two cats have taken over the screen in porch, and they spend their days playing and wrestling there.

It is only fitting that this story of a cat reuniting with its humans after two years features two cats!  I will now have to have my human check my blood sugar levels because this story is so sweet and it is not good for a diabetic cat like me to have a sugar spike!

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