Felines and Humans Must Stop Animal Abuse

One of the things I enjoy the most about you humans is that you help when you can.  There are so many felines we have helped.  And far too many of them, like Lucky, Justin, Dottie, Bindy, Hope, Treasure and many others, are victims of animal abuse.

I have written about what you can do if you see animal abuse.  And my human, when he saw a dog that was not in distress but which needed water, called the Humane Society to make sure that the dog had everything it needed.  These are small steps, but there is more to be done.

We must take action to make sure that those who have been convicted of abusing an animal never get the chance to do so again.  And remember, these are only humans who have been convicted.  Many victims of animal abuse never get justice, because the evil humans who abused them are never caught so they cannot be tried for their crimes.

There is an organization that is doing what it can to maintain a database of animal abusers.  They are good humans, but this is not enough. Help Prevent Animal Abuse!

What needed is a national registry like what is done for sexual predators.  Humans who have been convicted of certain crimes are required to register so that their neighbors can take precautions to prevent them from committing those crimes again.  Most of these horrible crimes are committed against other innocents, human children.

It is good that there is a registry for sexual predators, but only around half of all homes have children in them, and children are usually supervised.  More than two thirds of homes have pets, and many of these pets do not get supervision.  Think about how many dogs are allowed to roam freely in their yards.

This is why some places have created registries for animal abusers.  Suffolk County, New York, became the first jurisdiction to create one.  Two other counties in New York have done the same.  These are great first steps, but they are not enough.  We need a national registry of animal abusers.

Help the Animal Legal Defense Fund Establish Animal Abuse RegistriesFortunately, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has set up a very easy way to let your elected officials know that you want your jurisdiction to be part of the list of those with animal abuse registries.  On the Expose Animal Abusers website, you can fill out a form to add your name to a petition to establish animal abuse registries all over.

Please add your name to the list and share this with everyone you can.  When you do, please leave a comment that you did.

All of my furiends who were the victims of horrible abuse, and those who did not make it, deserve it.

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