Six Kittens Trapped Behind A Wall Rescued

Every now and then it’s easy for me to think that you humans are not very nice to us felines.  It was hard for me to write that story on Monday, for example, about humans who abuse animals.  And there’s the ear sticks and insulin shots a diabetic cat like me must endure.  But then I get to share stories with you about humans like the ones at Spots and Stripes and I also get to share with you this story.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad These Humans Rescued Many KittensA human in Michigan called the Michigan Humane Society about six missing or trapped kittens.  One of the humans who works for that organization was dispatched to the home, and he determined that three kittens were trapped behind a wall in the house.  The only way to get the kittens out, he said, was to break apart the wall and reach them that way.

Now, I have seen my human doing minor repairs to things around our home.  Those things look like a lot of work, and I can only imagine how he would feel about breaking apart the wall.  He would not like it, but if it was the only way to save some kittens, he would agree to it.  It would mean a lot of work for him to fix it, but he would do it anyway.

And that is exactly what the human whose home the kittens were trapped in did.  She allowed the wall to be broken apart so that the kittens could be rescued.  The Michigan Humane Society was able to recover three kittens from behind the Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad This Kitten Was Rescuedwall.  Unfortunately, one of them did not make it, but the other two did.  They were taken with their mother to the shelter at the Michigan Humane Society.

A few days later, there was another call.  The other three cats had been located, and they were in a box for the Michigan Humane Society to pick up.  These three kittens were reunited with their siblings and their mother and they started to nurse immediately.  Their mother cleaned them while they were nursing.

A human who is even nicer than my human, who takes care of a diabetic cat like me and who rescued two other cats, is helping the five kittens and their mother by fostering them.  When the kittens get older, they will be adopted out.

But none of this would have happened if it was not for the kind human who allowed the Michigan Humane Society to do what was needed to get the kittens out.

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