Cat Loses Her Litter, Nurses Another One

Many of the stories I share with you start off sadly.  But in the end things work out well and the story becomes a happy one.  It is similar to my story.  I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, and my human had to work very hard to make sure I was okay.  I did not like, and still do not like, the ear sticks to test my blood sugar and the insulin shots.  But I tolerate them, and I am back to being the happy,  playful, and feisty cat that my human loves.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Mickey Got to be a MotherThe situation for a feline named Mickey was worse than mine.  She is a tuxedo cat who was dumped at the shelter while she was pregnant.  After giving birth to her litter, she got sick, and did not eat.  She had contracted an upper respiratory infection.  Her foster human took her to the humans in white coats, where she given very extensive treatment to help her.  Mickey’s kittens had contracted the disease, too, from her milk.  Sadly, while Mickey made it, her kittens were not strong enough to fight the disease and they all left us.

Mickey was heartbroken after losing her litter.  She seemed to have lost the will to live when she was separated from her kittens, and despite surviving, she was very sad.  The humans at Cats at the Studios were very worried about her.

But things have a way of working out.  Cats at the Studios got a calBagheera the Diabetic Cat Thinks Mickey is a Perfect Feline Moml about kittens who did not have a mother, and they brought these kittens to Mickey.  As my good furiends at Catster said, “these kittens needed a mom, and Mickey needed something to fill the hole in her heart left by the loss of her babies.”

Even more amazingly, the kittens looked like Mickey!  When she was introduced to them, she cleaned them, groomed them, and adopted them as her own.  She recovered from the loss of her kittens, raised a group of kittens that weren’t hers as her own, and now this sweet cat is looking for a furever home.

It is easy for people to dismiss special needs cats like Mickey, who needed treatment for an infection, or a diabetic cat like me.  But if you are one of the special humans that takes one of us in, you will learn that the rewards of being the human for a special needs cat are amazing.

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2 Replies to “Cat Loses Her Litter, Nurses Another One”

  1. I love the happy ending to this story, it makes my eyes leak. Being a mama cat myself many years ago I sympathize with how devastated Mickey felt losing her kits. I do not know if I would have had any will to live if I had lost mine either.
    Thank Bastet the wonderful humans at Cats at the Studios thought to match her up with the motherless kittens.
    Once again mewz words say it perfectly Bagheera- my human agrees that the rewards one gets from being adopted by cats with special needs like us are never ending and worth far more than anything in life. As a special needs cat who adopted one of these special humans like mew did, I believe the unconditional love we get is deserving of my unconditional love, devotion, and gratitude. My human/Mom and me are a purrfect match.

    1. It was a very good thing that they were able to match her with a group of kittens that needed a mom after she lost hers. It makes me very happy that things worked out for both Mickey and the kittens!

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