Let’s Find Diabetic Cat Vinny a Home

Today I want to introduce you to my fellow diabetic cat Vinny.  He is Mr. October for Diabetic Cats in Need, and we are trying to find him a new home by the end of the month.  Vinny came to Diabetic Cats in Need in September of 2012.  This poor feline had been suffering from untreated diabetes for nearly 20 months!  Remember, I was diagnosed with diabetes after a few months, Say hello to my fellow diabetic cat Vinny!and the humans in white coats said that if I had gone without being treated for much longer, I could have gotten very sick.

Vinny’s neglectful human dumped him at a shelter without telling them of his condition.  He was about to be put down, but Diabetic Cats in Need was able to rescue him and find him a foster home.

Despite being neglected, Vinny is a very loving and friendly cat.  He does not like loud noises.  But other than that, he is an ideal cat.  He loves getting pet, and even immediately after being moved into a foster home, he would roll over, expose his belly, and even let the humans pet his belly!  He would give little nips when he had enough, just like me.  Unlike me, though, he never broke the skin. Let's help my fellow diabetic cat Vinny find a home!

Vinny deserves to find a home that he can call his own.  Diabetic Cats in Need has done a very good job helping him recover from his untreated diabetes, and now he is a healthy and happy cat.  One of the humans who at Diabetic Cats in Need, which has saved more than 600 diabetic cats says that “whoever adopts Vinny will be very lucky to have this soul become part of their home and heart.”

Will you be that person who allows Vinny into their heart and home?  If it’s not you, can you share this so that someone can do it?  Let’s help Vinny find the home he needs.

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