Lincoln’s Human Helps More Felines

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Lincoln!You already know that Lincoln‘s human is an amazing one.  She not only nursed Lincoln from a paralyzed ball of fur that could only move his eyes to a healthy and happy cat, but she has helped Lincoln’s brofurs Monet, Winston, and Roosevelt.  All of these felines have conditions that make being a diabetic cat look easy.  Between these four felines, Lincoln’s human has probably helped more felines with rare diseases than most humans in white coats ever do!

Taking care of that many special needs cats is a big challenge, and Lincoln’s human is up to it.  But even that did not stop her when she saw another four felines who needed help.  These four stray cats showed up on Lincoln’s deck recently, and his human could not let them go hungry.  She started to feed them, and let them get more comfortable with her.

It took a long time, but Lincoln’s human was able to win the trust of these four felines.  The initial idea was to get these felines neutered and released back into the wild, but after seeing how affectionate they were to her, Lincoln’s human decided that she could not let that happen.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is Glad These Four Felines are Safe

So she decided to give them a home where they never would have to worry about going hungry again, and to make sure they never had to spend any of those cold St. Louis nights outside with only their fur to keep them warm.

The only bad thing is that it takes a lot of green paper things in order to keep four, much less eight, cats taken care of.  It requires even more green paper things when some of them are special needs cats like Lincoln, Monet, Winston, and Roosevelt.  My human gets enough of those green paper things to take care of me, but I am just one diabetic cat.  Can you imagine what it is like for someone who has to take care of eight?

Normally, Lincoln’s human only asks for donations to be sent directly to Tenth Life.  But she will be finding furever homes for all four of these felines on her own, and she could sure use some help.  When she sets up a funding page, I know that Bagheera’s Buddies will help!

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