Meet Bailey Bug, The Cat with 27 Lives

I am always happy to share stories of my fellow special needs cats.  Today I want to introduce you to Bailey Bug.  When I saw the pictures of him, it reminded me of what it was like for me when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic cat.  But his condition is very different than mine.  It was easy for the humans in white coats to figure out what my condition was, because my blood sugar was so high.  With Bailey Bug, the humans in white coats are not sure what he condition he has.

Bailey Bug's Weight Loss is a Sign of a Diabetic Cat

Bailey Bug is a senior feline who lives about 90 miles away from Atlanta in a town called Thomson, Georgia.  He got very sick recently, and stopped eating and using the litter box.  For any feline, that is bad news.  When we stop eating and stop using the litter box, it is a sign that something is very wrong with us.  It would be like Jacey being quiet all day long.  Our human would instantly rush her to the humans in white coats, because if she is not talking, something is wrong!

The humans in white coats put him on all sorts of medicines, and started to use a tube to feed him.  This is not something that any feline would like, but Bailey Bug tolerated it because he was too weak to fight.  But the medicine and the care from the humans in white coats at Wester Veterinary Clinic helped Bailey Bug recover. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy Bailey Bug Is Home!

Bailey Bug has recovered to the point where he can go to his human’s home and be treated there.  He still has not recovered all the way, but he will be home with his humans and that is very good news.

I told you the story of Stubbs, the mayor cat of Talkeetna, who is still recovering, but can do it at home.  Bailey Bug is in a similar situation.  He still needs our healing thoughts, but he will get to heal at home.

A diabetic cat like me is always sympathetic to my fellow felines who need treatment.  I send Bailey Bug lots of healing purrs and hope you humans will send healing thoughts to him!

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