Do Felines and Flying Mix?

This is an airplane ride Bagheera the Diabetic Cat can endorseCatster had a very funny article about how a feline used his human’s lap as a litter box when he was flying on a small private plane.  This feline, named Houston liked to travel by car, so the human figured he would be okay with flying.  The human who was carrying Houston was told that he would just think it was a big, noisy car, so everything would be okay.  That was clearly not the case, because once the small plane got airborne, Houston decided that his human’s lap would make a nice litter box.

To make things worse, the humans had to divert due to weather, and the whole trip, which was supposed to save time versus driving, ended up taking much longer.

But this got me thinking.  Is flying stressful for felines?  A diabetic cat like me should not receive any additional stress, because it boosts my sugar levels.

I have gone flying with my human twice.  One time was when I was a tiny little mitten kitten.  He adopted me from Animal Sanctuary Society Incorporated in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.  We drove to a small airport, South Jersey Regional Airport, and then we flew to another small airport, Montgomery County Airpark.  Then my human put me in a car and we drove to my new home.

I did not fuss at all during the trip, and only complained when we landed, and the human had shut down the airplane and was waiting for another human to put something in it that makes the engine run.  That was over soon, though, and I quickly got home and got introduced to my new brofur, Pepe.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat did not get to fly like thisThe second time I went flying with my human was when we moved from Maryland to San Diego.  This time, I got on a big plane, and the human put me under the seat in front of him.  He cracked the top of the cage so that he could give me ear scritches, but I was content to try to relax and sleep.

Just like the first time, I did not fuss when we landed.  I only started to fuss when the human had claimed his luggage and was walking to the shuttle to take us to our rental car.  I wanted to go to the litter box, and because the human didn’t have one, I had to go and did!

It is a good thing that we did this before I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, because many humans in white coats say that flying is stressful for felines like me.  Have any of you had experiences with flying felines?  How was it?

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2 Replies to “Do Felines and Flying Mix?”

  1. My name is Ella, I’m a little black house cat. I live in Indiana but my humans decided to buy a second house in Florida. They spend 5-7 weeks there over the summers, and my human-mom worried a lot about what to do with me. Should I stay home alone for so long, with a pet-sitter to come every day or every other day, or should I get on a plane and go with? I could tell she was worried, and she read a lot on the internet about flying with cats, is traveling stressful for us felines, and she even talked to the humans in white coats. She decided it would be cruel to leave me home alone for so long. A week or two is okay for a pet-sitter to come in every now and then, but 7 weeks is a very long time for a feline to be in a big house alone without anyone else around.

    So she bought me a soft-sided carrier, I was not at all happy about being put in this small thing. I meowed and cried and even pooped in it the first car ride to the airport! I was scared. My humans knew this, and cleaned up the carrier when we got to the airport. I had to be taken out of the carrier to go through security. That was very scary, it was a large place with lots of humans I didn’t know.. but my human held me close and talked quietly to me. I was very happy to get back in my ‘safe place’ carrier after that. I was put under the seat in the airplane. but my carrier has a zipper just for pets, and all my humans gave me love and kind words and gentle pets the whole plane ride to Florida. The engine noise scared me on takeoff & landing, I meowed a lot. I cried because of the funny feeling of the pressurization too. But it came and went and my humans talked to me and gave me as many pets as they could.

    They took me to a new house, and it was scary but my humans were there, and they gave me my usual noms and took care of me. I didn’t have my stairs or my climber to play on, but there were toys, and a screened in porch where I could watch the lizards and birds safely.

    Then I had to get back on the plane again!! But it wasn’t quite so scary this time, I still meowed a lot, but not as much. I recognized home right away when we got back, and I was very happy to be back.

    I’ve made this journey twice now, and while it’s scary to be in a plane, it’s worse to be left alone for so long.

    1. Hi, Ella. I know how you feel. I did not like it when I moved with the human and my brofur Pepe told me the same. But you were very brave and I am proud of you!

      Do not feel bad about pooping in the carrier! I did that, too. The human is to blame for this. I was in that carrier for almost 13 hours, and I had to! Luckily we had pads in there so he just threw those away.

      The security people took the human to a room by himself, and then the let him hold me for a few minutes. Then they ran the carrier through the machine and came back with it. I hopped back into the carrier after that.

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