Woman Reunited with Cat After Three Years

A little while ago, I shared with you the story about Sushi, a cat who returned home two years after going missing during severe wildfires.  Today, I want to tell you the story of Sketti, a feline who went missing three years ago but was reunited with his humans.  Both cats are not diabetic cats like me, otherwise, they probably would not have made it because they would not have gotten their insulin!  This is why I cannot ever be separated from my human and why he is very careful to make sure I do not escape the house.

Sketti was adopted from a shelter as a kitten, and his human thought that he would make a great companion for her son.  He was the runt of the litter, and so the human who adopted him thought that she would give him a home.  But as soon as he got to what was to be his furever home, he bonded with the human who rescued him.

He was an inside only cat for two years — which is safest for felines like me — and was only let outside when his humans were working in the yard.  The huBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Sketti is Back Homemans figured they could watch him because they were outside as well.  Sketti wandered over to some other humans, who were talking to him.  Despite Sketti’s humans talking loudly to him, the other humans took him and drove off.

Sketti’s human started the search for him right then and there.  She refused to give up, and kept a pillow with his scent and fur on it just in case she found him.  Searching for Sketti, she said, was like searching for a missing child.

And her search paid off, thanks to some kind humans at the Northern Berkshire Cat Rescue, other kind humans feeding stray cats, and Facebook.  A human with the rescue was tagged in a Facebook post, and informed that the skinny, flea ridden cat who was being fed looked like Sketti.

Three years in the wild had taken their toll on Sketti.  He was very sick.  He was anemic due to the flea infestation.  The itching had caused him to scratch himself raw.  And he had also been attacked by parasites, who he was vomiting out of his system.  The humans in white coats at Wahconah Veterinary Hospital were not sure Sketti was going to make it.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Very Happy About This ReunionOnce Sketti started to recover, his human was contacted.  And while he was not the same cat that he was three years ago due to his time in the wild, his human recognized him instantly.  He is now back home and recovering.

“I never saw a cat cry, but he had tears coming out of his eyes, and I put my arms around my poor sick baby…and he put his paws around me like this and he hugged me and he wouldn’t let go,” said Sketti’s human about the reunion.

Sketti’s tale is one that should remind humans with felines that we are best kept inside.  If you have a diabetic cat like me or other special needs cat, you definitely need to keep us inside so we cannot escape.

Regardless of that, let’s celebrate Sketti’s return home!

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