Jacey Shares some Happy Cat Rescue Stories

Hi there!  You know that my human and Bagheera are always telling you that I love to talk.  I do not think I talk too much, but they tell me I am never quiet.  Well, I decided to put my very talkative nature to good use and share some happy stories with you today.  It is only fitting that I share happy news with you, because my name means happy!

Our first happy cat rescue story of a human who heard a cat meowing loudly when he was out for a walk.  He thought it was his feline named Oni, who had recently lost his canine furiend and was very sad about it.  This human looked at the window to see if Oni was there, but Oni was nowhere to be found.

Jacey is Happy to Share this Happy Feline StoryThe meowing was coming from a black kitten across the street.  The human called to that kitten, and the feline was happy to cross the street and let the human hold and scratch his ears.  He was taken to the humans in white coats, who said he was healthy, and the humans adopted this little black kitten just a week before Halloween.

Kuma, which is the Japanese word for bear, had been abandoned by unkind humans who dumped him after they moved.  They left a tiny little kitten to fend for himself.  But he has been in a home with caring humans for seven happy years now.

Our friends at Tenth Life also bring us some good news.  Morty was a Tenth Life alumnus who was adopted as a kitten, but he had to be taken back to Tenth Life after his hJacey is Happy that Morty Has a Home!uman moved to a place where there was no more space.  Now, just know that I came from a big house with many rooms to a studio apartment and then moved to a larger apartment, so do not give up on your feline furiends just because you move to a smaller place.

Well, Morty found a new human to adopt him, and he is going to be very happy in his new home.  While he was at Tenth Life, he charmed everyone he met.  His purrsonality will be sure to shine in his new home.

Jacey is Happy Treasure Has a Good HomeFinally, I am sure you remember the story of Treasure, who some evil and cruel humans put in a box marked garbage near a dumpster.  Michigan Cat Rescue found her, and nursed her back to health.

Treasure now has a home where she will definitely never be considered garbage.  She is going home to a long time friend of Michigan Cat Rescue.  This story could have ended with a tragic and painful death for Treasure.  Now it will end with her going to a home where she will be treated with kindness and love and will be happy to return it to the human who is caring for her.  What a happy cat rescue story!

I hope that you think these stories fit my name and that they are happy ones.  And Bagheera and the human told me not to talk too much, so I will stop now.

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