What Happens When Felines Eat Too Fast?

“Human, come here!”

“What is it, Bagheera?  Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am fine, human, but look at what Marley did!  She ate the wet noms so quickly that she vomited.  You need to clean that up right now.  I do not want that smell around here.”

“Calm down, Bagheera.  You know when you leave solid waste in the litter box, the smell is much worse, and you deal with that throughout the day if I am not here.”

“Yes, but you are here, human.  Clean it up!”

This brings up an important subject.  It is not normal for us felines to vomit.  Sometimes you will know exactly why we did it, such as when you see the parts of the plants we have consumed in the center of the vomit.  By the way, make sure that the plants you have in your house are not dangerous to us felines!

Diabetic Cats like me to eat too quickly can vomitOther times, you humans probably wonder what is going on.  You will see us eat our noms very quickly.  And you will think we are happy, but then you will see us vomiting right afterwards.  With a diabetic cat like me, you may wonder whether we are suffering from insulin shock, because vomiting is one of the signs of this.

You humans may also think, when I eat very quickly, even if I eat too much, I do not vomit.  So maybe my feline furiend is sick.

Vomiting can be a sign that we felines are sick, so if you see other signs that concern you, make sure you check with the humans in white coats.  If it only occurs after we gobble down our noms, though, it is most likely because of how our digestive system If a diabetic cat like me eats his noms too quickly, this can happenis designed.  We felines are what are called quadrupeds.  This is how the humans in white coats refer to the design of our digestive system, which has a horizontal esophagus instead of the vertical one that you humans have.

If we eat too fast, what will happen is we will swallow whole chunks of food and we also ingest a lot of air.  Because of the design of our digestive system, the chunks of food and the air will slap against our esophageal sphincter, and that causes us to vomit.

When you see us vomiting right after we eat and you see whole chunks of food, it is likely not a medical issue.  But remember, especially if you are treating a diabetic cat like me, check with the humans in white coats!

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7 Replies to “What Happens When Felines Eat Too Fast?”

  1. Oh I´ve noticed that with my babies, that they don´t really chew and swallow. So then I wait until they swallow before I give them more food. I usually give them meat (raw) and I always tell them to chew and swallow. When they don´t get anything for a second or so they swallow it and then they get more. I´ve never noticed them to vomit it. But sometimes they eat grass and then I´m always prepared for the vomiting… But thank you for letting me know. Then I know something else to look for in my babies! <3 Headbonks to you dear Bagheera! <3

  2. I adore the way mew instruct mewz human Bagheera: straight to the point and firm. This is how I plan to do so with mine, as she is a bit too slow in her response to my requests and demands sometimes.
    There are some days where I will Inhale my meal too fast and then puke because of how our esophagus works as mew describe. I blame humans for this, even if our esophagus’ are designed this way, we would not be inhaling our food in this manner in the first place if we didn’t feel starved. If we had our food and treats every time we demanded them, instead of going for DAYS at a time without they wouldn’t have to worry about puke to clean up. It’s a simple concept, but as mew know they are human.

    1. Well, the human gives me noms twice a day and that is good. But sometimes I am hungry and I eat my noms too quickly. It is good for him to know that I probably am not sick.

      1. Oh yes I agree completely. I was just being silly, I didn’t mean to sound as if it were not good advice. With my auto immune disorder, my human always keeps a close eye on my eating as I’ve had health issues that affected it before and it alerted her that I needed to visit the people in the white coats. Mew always have excellent and important information to share Bagheera.

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