Lucky Continues Helping Special Needs Cats

One of the things that makes me the happiest about the work I do here is helping my fellow special needs cats.  I do not care if they are diabetic cats like me, or if there is something else that makes them a special needs cat.  My ginger furiend Lucky feels the same way.  He continues to advocate against the kind of cruelty he suffered and on behalf of other special needs cats.

Say Hello to Special Needs Cat SerenityLucky recently brought to our attention the plight of a wonderful feline named Serenity.  She was in the same shelter as Lucky, and like Lucky, due to the restrictions placed on the shelter, she had to suffer from a bad condition for about a week.  The same angel who found Lucky and started him on the way to recovery and a furever home also saw Serenity.

Just like Lucky, Serenity was taken from the shelter to the very kind and skilled humans in white coats at Parkway Veterinary Clinic.  Here, sadly, Serenity was found to have suffered a compound fracture, and the skilled humans in white coats at the clinic decided that amputating the leg that was injured would be the best course of action.  Since Serenity was already going to be under anesthesia, the humans in white coats decided that they would spay her as well.

Serenity was a little cranky after her surgery, but the humans in white Serenity is a Special Needs Cat who is Recovering Wellcoats who treated her said that she is a very sweet cat with a wonderful purrsonality.  This, both Lucky and I can tell you, should be no surprise.  We special needs cats are often the most sweet, because we are so happy a human is taking care of us and making us feel safe and loved.

Serenity has gone to a foster home where she is receiving a lot of love, and she is adapting as well as can be hoped for a feline who lost a leg.  She is not going to let that lost leg stop her, and she is even attempting to jump on things.  Think about that.  Just a few days after losing a leg, she is trying to hop!

If you would like to help the Homeless Animals Rescue Team help another special needs cat, you can donate to them.  Please share this story with as many people as you can so that Serenity can be like Lucky and make a full recovery!

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