Cat Reunites with Family After Five Years

I remember how stressful it was for me, Jacey, and the human when we moved less than a mile away from our old place into our current home.  Fortunately, especially for a diabetic cat like me, the human was very careful and made sure that neither Jacey nor I could get away.  The only cat reunion we have is when our human comes home after being away for a while.  We are glad to see him, but it is nowhere near as dramatic as the cat reunion I am about to tell you about.

Because moving is stressful for both felines and humans, sometimes, felines escape when a move is taking place.  That is what happened five years ago when a feline named Sammie escaped from his humans during a move.  And during that time, the humans gave up all hope of ever seeing their feline companion again.

All that changed when a kind human decided to call the Wisconsin Humane Society after seeing a cat hanging around her home and getting concerned because the weather was turning cold.

A Microchip Made this Cat Reunion PossibleThe Wisconsin Humane Society took in the grey tabby, and found that he had a microchip implanted in him.  The microchip gave the Humane Society the information they needed in order to get in touch with the humans who figured they had lost Sammie forever.

After the cat reunion, Sammie’s human said, “I just broke down and cried.  It’s really hard because for five years he was without a home. He was roaming the streets. … It just broke my heart that he went through that. He’s a good cat and I’m so glad he’s home.”

The feline in this cat reunion is also very happy.  “He was purring. He was affectionate, rubbing his body against my legs. He was licking my face, just very loving and that’s who Sammie is,” said his human.

This cat reunion could not have taken place without the microchip.  These are inexpensive and getting a microchip is something that all humans should consider for their felines. 

A human from the Wisconsin Humane Society said, “microchips make reunions like this possible. They are inexpensive and very effective.  Every area shelter scans stray animals, and every animal is at risk for becoming lost, no matter how careful you are.”

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  1. I know about a cat that every spring go back home to his earlier home, when fall comes he come back home! Really strange. Like the cat is having a holiday also! <3 The most important thing is that he returns every fall! <3

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