Jacey’s Filling in For Bagheera Today

Hi, everyone. It’s Jacey. Today Bagheera is enjoying a big sun puddle and he does not want to blog. That means I will do the work while he enjoys the sun. The human is always bragging about how I am a sweet and fun cat. Well, what better wBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Enjoying a Sun Puddleay to show it than to allow the diabetic cat who shares the house with me to enjoy a sun puddle? I think that the sun is good for his diabetes but I am not sure. I am sure it makes him happy!

Speaking of things that make me happy, Bagheera told you the story of a feline who had been separated from his humans for five years!  That is a long time for a feline who is used to living in a house and getting noms from his human to survive outside.  We are adaptable creatures, but that is still a challenge!

Just like Bagheera, I love telling stories like these.  I am very happy that my fellow feline is back with his humans, and they will be able to give him the furever home they always wanted to.  All thanks to a tiny little microchip, which I have.  I keep telling the human he has to get one for Bagheera! Serenity is a Special Needs Cat who is Recovering Well

You also know that because Bagheera is a diabetic cat, he has an affinity for all special needs felines.  That’s why he’s so happy to be furiends with Lucky.  And we are all glad that Lucky has not, as you humans say, forgotten where he came from and that he continues to help other special needs cats.  Poor Serenity had to lose a leg, but she is recovering well and even trying to hop on things.  That is one determined cat!

Finally, I know that some of you are worried about me being mean to our snow bengal visitor.  I am not being mean to her.  I actually like her and am trying to be furiends with her!

You see, I came from a home with many bengal cats, and we all played with each other.  When I came to join Bagheera and the human, my playful nature endeared me to both the feline and the human residents of the house.  Bagheera loves that when he was first diagnosed as a diabetic cat, I would come to him and lick his head after his ear stick and shot!  It is difficult for me to not want to play with both felines and humans.

We made some progress, though.  Yesterday Marley and I were looking at each other and she came out of the cage.  This morning, I was on the floor right next to her, and she only growled quietly at me.  Bagheera did not even come over to make sure we did not harass each other too much!

I am going to go play with Bagheera now.  I am already talking to him, and he is probably waiting for me to ambush him somehow.

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3 Replies to “Jacey’s Filling in For Bagheera Today”

  1. Jacey mew are a kind and courteous fur sibling to Bagheera, and I agree with mew that mewz human needs to get Bagheera a microchip too. I am a cat with special needs and I have one, as other than our special health needs we are just like every other cat and can get in to mischief and wander off, or due to our stunning appearance and charismatic nature another human might try to take us home with them! With our microchip we can be reunited with our family if lost or if a question of to whom we belong arises a microchip helps prove legally which human we own and therefore we will be kept with those who are rightfully ours!
    I enjoyed your guest post and hope mew will do so with some regularity. Give the Bengal ladycat some time, she will see mew are no one to fear and be playing with mew and Bagheera in no time.

    1. The human will probably get a microchip the next time we visit the humans in white coats. The environment in which he brought Bagheera up has never lent itself to Bagheera having to worry about getting lost, wandering away, or having another human take him. It still probably is not a problem because even if we escape, there is only a hallway that is enclosed. But it is still better to be safe, especially with Bagheera being diabetic.

      I will guest post when Bagheera does not feel like it. And Marley, well, she just is not a feline who is used to other felines, especially furiendly and playful ones like me.

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