Some Help for a Human With a Diabetic Cat

Because I am a diabetic cat, I feel compelled to try to help humans who are just starting to take care of one.  But, remember, while I know a lot about feline diabetes, always talk to the humans in white coats before you do anything to alter the treatment of a diabetic cat.

Excessive Urination is a Sign of a Diabetic CatA human named Claire found out that her feline is diabetic.  Kiwi was diagnosed with feline diabetes about three weeks ago.  However, for about five weeks, Kiwi had been urinating outside of the litter box.  Most of the time, Kiwi was going in the room of Claire’s six year old son.  The humans wanted to stop Kiwi from going outside of the box, but he was very smart and sneaky so they couldn’t stay on top of it.

Claire wanted to know why Kiwi was doing this.

It is not surprising that a diabetic cat who hasn’t gotten his blood sugar levels under control would go outside of the box.  Remember, one of the signs of diabetes is drinking lots of water.  When we drink a lot of water, the water has to come out.  And sometimes, if we have been drinking a lot of water, we are not able to get to the litter box quickly enough.

First, have the humans in white coats rule out a urinary tract infection.  And if that is ruled out, see if the behavior stops when Kiwi’s blood sugar is under control.  It is likely that this will make the urination outside of the litter box stop.Please Help Charity Live a Full Life

Another human came to my page with a story of a feline who needs some help.  Charity is a very pretty white cat who was abandoned by her mother, and who needed extensive help to survive.  Her rear is paralyzed, and due to the pressure of her having to get around on her front paws only, she started to bleed severely.  Charity is likely going to need special wheels to get around, and she may have to have surgery to move her bladder.

This pretty girl deserves a chance at life.  Her human will need a lot of help giving that to her.  If you can help, please do.  If you can’t, please share this story so that others can.

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