A Black Kitten Gets Rescued From the Cold

One of the things I enjoy writing about the most is when one of my fellow felines is rescued.  I am glad to share a cat rescue story that starts off with a phone call to a human who is told of two little kittens who are out in the cold.  The humans who got the call immediately gathered their equipment and went to rescue the poor little felines who were exposed to the cold.

Two tiny two week old kittens had been abandoned in the night.  It is a good thing that the humans went to rescue them that night, because a cold front swept through the area and the temperatures dropped to near freezing.  It is very unlikely that these two girls would have been able to survive a full night out in that kind of cold.

Just like with Marley, the human who rescued the kittens was not planning on keeping them because she had three other cats.  But she was sure that this cat rescue story was going to end up a happy one, because she was determined to find them homes.  A family member took the tabby cat, who was named Keesha.  That left Jetta, a sweet black cat.

Jetta is an example of a wonderful cat rescue storyThe human who rescued the kittens tried very hard to find Jetta a home but she was not able to find anyone who would get past Jetta’s color and see her wonderful purrsonality.  Time went on, and Jetta started to bond with the humans she shared her home with as well as the other felines in the home.  Does this sound like a familiar story?

Sadly, one of the felines that was in the home with Jetta got sick, and had to leave this world because of a fast spreading cancer.  Not surprisingly, this made Jetta’s human very sad.  Somehow, Jetta knew just what to do in order to put a smile on her human’s face, and to help her get through the loss.

Jetta’s human says that Jetta is “the most interesting rescue we have ever had and her love and devotion to her family is absolutely stunning; she has a devilish side but that does not overrule her loyalty and compassion. She is my little rescued devil and, in her special way, is the best cat I’ve ever owned.”

Another happy cat rescue story.  I love sharing these!

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6 Replies to “A Black Kitten Gets Rescued From the Cold”

  1. Oh I was so sad to hear about the feline in Jessa´s new home got sick. So awful that she got cancer also. Good that they had Jetta around to let them smile! Good that the human saw Jetta will be the right medecine to feel better. Love these happy endings! <3

  2. I too love a happy ending- especially when I see it is about a little panther! Jetta looks so much like my angel sister Černy it makes my human’s and my heart melt with love, but a little sad as it has been a little over a year since we lost her to cancer. She had been abused as a kitten because of her color, which angers us to this day. After her death we made a promise we would do all we could do educate people about black cats and the myths surrounding them. Just like we do for senior kitties and special needs ones like me and mew Bagheera. Hopefully one day ALL cats regardless of age, color, health, or ability will be valued for the great worth they have and never be left behind at shelters or worse- euthanized.

    1. In my eyes a black cat is just as adorable as a tabby or ginger/yellow/orange or white… It´s rasism to not like black cats! Love to all kind of cats, pink or black or what ever. Doesn´t matter, because their heart are pure as gold! <3

      1. The humans who think my fellow felines with black fur are bad luck are the ones who are missing out. All felines can be loving and sweet creatures, regardless of our fur color.

      1. I do also hope things are changing. Just look into a feline´s eyes and you see trust and love! <3 No matter what colour! Several of my fb friends have black felines and these small furiends is so cute!

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