Meet Fellow Diabetic Cat Sebastian Purrbox

One of the things that is most important to me is to help fellow diabetic cats who need some help.  Today I want to introduce you to Sebastian Purrbox.  He lives where I used to, in Maryland.  And he has been in a DiaLet's find my fellow diabetic cat Sebastian a homebetic Cats In Need foster home for 40 months!

We diabetic cats are often called sugar cats because of our elevated blood sugar levels.  Sebastian was a very sweet cat long before he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he continues to be a sweet one despite a less than ideal living situation.  Due to the nature of his foster home, he must be kept isolated, and he doesn’t get the attention and love that he deserves.

Sadly, one of the cats in the foster home contracted FeLV.  Tests were done to determine which cats had the virus, and which ones were virus free.  The cats have been separated based on their viral status, but because Sebastian may go to another home with other cats, he is being isolated from even the other cats without the virus.

Sebastian is a lucky boy!  He does not have to endure the twice daily insulin shots and hasn’t had to for a long time now.  And the reason he is called purrbox is because that is what he loves to do.  He is intelligent, inquisitive, and playful.  Hmm, maybe Sebastian has some bengal in him because that sounds like us.

He is also curious about the outdoors and enjoys going on walks with his human.  What a kind cat to allow his human to put a leash on him!  When he goes on walks, which he would be okay without, he likes to roll around in the grass and watch the world go by. Diabetic Cat Sebastian Needs a Home

According to his foster human, Sebastian has a way about him that always makes her laugh and smile.  He’s a little silly and he loves to talk.  She says that he’s goofy in a cute way.

I am sure you agree that this wonderful diabetic cat deserves a home.  Is there room in your home for this sweet sugar cat?  You can contact Diabetic Cats In Need and let them know.  If not, please share his story so that others that have room for this sweet boy can give him a home.

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  1. Oh how I love to read about all the nice kitties you know! So nice to hear also that a diabetic cat is called a sugar cat =). It´s the same with humans =). Take care and of course I´m sharing to let other people understand that a special need kitten is just as lovely as a healthy one! <3

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