Senior Cat Christmas Carole Needs a Home

The kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue are an all volunteer organization who have helped rescue many cats.  You will remember that they helped Bindy and Treasure, who got off to rough starts in life but who now have good homes.

They are trying to place another feline during the holiday season.  Her name is Christmas Carole.  She is around eight years old, just like me.  But I have always had a home with a human to take care of me.

Help Michigan Cat Rescue Find a Home for Christmas CaroleSadly, until Michigan Cat Rescue found Christmas Carole, this was missing from her life.  You can see it in her eyes.  Christmas Carole has sad eyes.  There’s a difference between a shy cat like Marley and a cat like Christmas Carole, whose tough life has made her a sad cat.

I do not blame Christmas Carole for this.  She was living under an abandoned trailer with no access to food, water or love until a kind human pulled her out and turned her over to Michigan cat rescue.

Sadly, Christmas Carole once had a home, because she is spayed.  And she uses a scratching post.  That means some cruel humans abandoned her, and left her to die in by that abandoned trailer.  Maybe that is why this sweet girl is sad.

The humans in white coats also think that Christmas Carole is deaf.  She did not respond to sounds.  But in spite of being abandoned and left to die, Christmas Carole is Michigan Cat Rescue Took Christmas Carole to the Humans in White Coatsa sweet cat.  She just loves to be around humans and to get love.

This senior girl is the opposite of me, Jacey, and Marley.  Because we are bengal cats, we are very active and talkative.  Sometimes, the three of us exasperate our human with our antics.  But Christmas Carole is a very calm and mellow cat.  She just wants to be loved.

It would be best for Christmas Carole to find this love in a quiet home, maybe as an only cat.

If there is room in your home to give this sweet girl a place to live surrounded by love, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue.  If you can’t take Christmas Carole in, please share this story so that someone can give this kind feline the best gift a cat can get — a furever home.

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3 Replies to “Senior Cat Christmas Carole Needs a Home”

  1. Ooh poor Christmas Carole!!! I feel so sorry for her being left like that! Stupid human being doing this to her!!! Get so angry by someone doing this to a family member! Hope she can find a fureverhome somewhere so that she can get the trust in her eyes again! <3 <3 <3 Sharing this for everyone to read! <3

  2. Poor baby, I’m glad she is safe and getting the love she deserves. I will share and keep my paws crossed she finds a forever home soon.

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