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Hello, kind humans.  The human here tells me that I do not have to worry about you and that makes me, a shy cat, feel a lot better.  I am not used to talking to anyone but the human and sometimes Bagheera and Jacey, so this is new for me.  And this is very unusual for a bengal cat like me!Marley Shares some Cat Stories You May Have Missed

The human asked me to share some stories that I liked.  Well, let’s see.  First, the story of Christmas Carole was one that I wanted to share.  You see, even though the humans who cared for me had to give me up, they were good and gave me to an organization that took good care of me.  I did not like being banished to a cage at the PetSmart — I am a bengal cat, after all — but at least I had noms, water, and was safe inside.

I liked the human and bonded with him quickly, and I was happy when I got to his home.  I was not used to having two other felines around, and it caused me to be shy.  But even being shy did not cause me to get the sad eyes that Christmas Carole had.  Hopefully she will be adopted soon and those eyes will be happy ones!

Next, both Bagheera and Jacey had to go to the humans in white coats.  They really do complain a lot about going there.  I do not know how I will react, because since I am a bengal cat, I do not like being in that plastic box with holes.  That is one thing both Jacey and I agree on!

Finally, I wanted to share the story of another kind human.  You know that Bagheera is furiends with Lincoln.  Well, his human is an incredible human.  Not only did she nurse Lincoln back to health, but she is taking care of another special needs cat.  What a happy story!

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2 Replies to “Marley Shares Stories You May Have Missed”

  1. Hello Marley, how nice it is to hear from Bagheera’s second sibling! I enjoy it immensely when he has Jacey and mew to guest post, as it allows we blog followers to get to know mew all so we can relate better when Bagheera talks about mew. Mew are all such beautiful Bengals, I have always admire mewz graceful movements and distinguished markings.
    Thank mew for sharing these stories of such sweet and amazing kitties, we will keep our paws crossed they find a home and all the love every cat deserves.

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