Results from the Humans In White Coats

You remember that both Jacey and I had to go to the humans in white coats recently.  The human told both of us that we had to share the results with you.

“Can I talk, Bagheera?”

“No, Jacey, wait your turn!  You are always talking.  Be quiet for a few minutes.”

“You’re no fun.  I will ambush you later.”

“Jacey, be quiet and let me talk.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Talks about the Results from the VeterinarianWhen I went to the humans in white coats, I was not happy.  I actually scratched and bit the human who gives me noms and my insulin when the human is away.  But the veterinarian told my human that this is to be expected, because I was not happy.

Some of you were concerned when the veterinarian told my human that my stomach was a little sensitive.  Fortunately, that was not a problem.  What did concern the veterinarian was that an x-ray of my lungs showed some build up, and that was why he thought I had been coughing.  He thought it might be a very low level infection.

My human told the white coated human that he would pick up my medicine when he took Jacey in.   But then when he told the veterinarian that I hadn’t coughed in a while, they decided to pass on it.  For a diabetic cat like me to fight off a infection is good news.

The human also got some good news when my fructosamine was tested.  It showed that the treatment is going well, and that my diabetes is being managed with insulin.  The hope of me not having to get insulin any more is gone, but that is okay.

“Can I talk now, Bagheera?”

“Sigh.  Yes, Jacey, you can talk.” Jacey Talks about the Results from the Veterinarian

When it was my turn to go to the humans in white coats, I was not happy.  But I got to make a canine furiend.  I guess that makes it okay, since I like making furiends.  Unlike Bagheera, who intimidated a canine.

“Jacey, be quiet about that.  He barked at me.  What did you expect me to do?”

Anyway, my blood work came back and everything was okay.  The human was worried because last time, I was a little hypoglycemic.  He told the humans in white coats that it figured.  Bagheera had too much blood sugar, and I had too little.

The human is happy with my results.  He was worried that since I talk so much, maybe something was wrong.  But that is just who I am.  I love to talk!

“Don’t we know it, Jacey.”

“Be quiet, Bagheera.  I am definitely ambushing you later.”

“Like you weren’t going to anyway?”

Okay, human, back on topic.  Anyway, I decided that going to the humans in white coats is not so bad.  I can explore and make some canine furiends.  But I still do not like the cage.

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  1. Awww Bagheera and Jacey, my boys don´t like the cage either. Now I´m trying to learn one of my boys to walk by a leach, bought a harness to put it in. But have to practise more first until I can use it. I meant to have it in the car and then he don´t need to be in the cage since hate both cars and cages… Well lets see how it works out. Happy though that all your tests seems to be fine! <3

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