Happy Story of Dog Saving Feline Friend

Normally, the cat rescue stories I share with you are ones where humans do something very nice for my fellow felines.  I have shared too many of those stories to remember.  They are good reminders that while there are evil human who will abuse animals like me, there are far more humans who want to help us.

Two Happy Cat Rescue Stories Feature StewartToday, though, I want to show that even though I hissed at a canine when I went to the humans in white coats, dogs and cats can get along just fine.  A canine is the reason for this cat rescue story.  A black and white cat names Stewart owes his life to his canine furiend Toby.

Where I live, most humans do not let felines like me outside.  Stewart lives in England, and things are different there.   Many humans allow their cats to roam outside.  That sadly led to Stewart being hit by a car.

His humans did not know this, but Toby alerted them to what had happened to Stewart.  Toby went over to a bush, and started barking.  He kept barking and giving the bush meaningful looks until the humans who Stewart and Toby live with came over to see what he was barking about.

When the humans got there they discovered a scared and injured Stewart.  The poor feline had been hit by a car and yet managed to drag himself from the road back home, where he went hiding under the bush. Stewart's Friend Toby Helped Write a Happy Cat Rescue Story

“Stewart and Toby are the best of pals, ” said one of the humans who they live with.  “We were starting to worry when we hadn’t seen Stewart for a day but we weren’t too concerned.  But Toby knew something was wrong.”

This is not the first time Stewart has been the subject of a happy cat rescue story.  One of the humans he lives with works at the place where humans wear white coats.  She adopted him after he was found in the trash, with plastic lodged in his throat.

Stewart is recovering, and Toby will not leave his side.  This pair has bonded very strongly to each other, and Toby is very happy to have his friend back.

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  1. Awww thank God Toby was around to let the humans find Stewart! When I was young we had both cats and dogs together. Or actually one cat and one dog at a time. Once when the female Feline got babies, she brought them to our Canine and she took care of the babies until our Feline was back =). Also when our Dog died, our cat was crying for days afterwards. The only time I´ve seen tears coming like that out of a cat! They loved each other and had lived together for so long… <3 <3 <3 Now days I have to Felines that I love to bits! <3

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