Special Needs Cat Saltwater Taffy Adopted

Do you remember how I shared the story of my fellow special needs cat Saltwater Taffy?  She has a condition known as radial agenesis.  In this condition, instead of forming normally like my legs did, her legs are shaped in the form of an L.

Special Needs Cat Saltwater Taffy Has a Home!Despite this challenge, Saltwater Taffy was a lucky cat.  She was found wandering in a Philadelphia back yard and it is likely that if she was not found right around the time a human saw her, she may not have lived much longer due to her condition.

This feisty little girl has been living with her foster human since the summer of last year, and she has been looking for a furever home.  Her foster human is a very dedicated human, because she has two other special needs cats in her home.

While Saltwater Taffy was well taken care of in her foster home, she was always looking for a furever home.  And her foster human was very demanding of the human who wanted to bring this very special girl home.

Saltwater Taffy's Foster and Permanent HumansRecently, a human who met all the requirements and who was committed to taking care of Saltwater Taffy was found.  And this special needs cat, who had worked her way into the hearts of so many, finally had a human whose heart and home was ready for her.

Saltwater Taffy’s human adopter had traveled to Philadelphia to meet her and take her home.  My human tells me there has been bad weather in that area, though, and that delayed the trip.  This meant that before going to her new home, Saltwater Taffy had to endure a little more hardship.

But finally, the long metal tube that was going to take Saltwater Taffy to her new home was ready.  And this feline said goodbye to her foster human and prepared for her new adventures.

It was a bittersweet moment for Saltwater Taffy’s foster human.  It is hard for humans to let a feline they have bonded to go.  This is why my human is keeping Marley, because the two of them have bonded too closely to break that bond.

But in the case of Saltwater Taffy, that bittersweet moment was made sweeter because she is going to a home where she will be loved and where she can get the attention she needs.

That is something that makes both felines like me and humans very happy.  I am proud of my fellow special needs cat!

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