Drooling is an Interesting Cat Behavior

Many of your humans have seen this.  A feline is happy and content, maybe sitting on your lap while you pet it.  And then, all of the sudden, it is like a water faucet has been turned on, and the feline starts to drool.  This cat behavior can be surprising for humans, because we felines are not known for drooling as much as our canine furiends.

You humans expect your canine furiends to drool.  But it’s not something you see from every feline.  What makes us do it?

Well, just like you humanCat Drooling is an Interesting Cat Behaviors, when we felines get excited or are happy, a small amount of saliva can be released.  But according to one of the humans in white coats who lives in Miami,  a “small but significant percentage of cats drool in response to positive stimulation.”  This is called happy drooling, and if your feline does this, enjoy it!  Maybe they will give you sandpaper kisses to clean up the drool.

Typically, happy drooling is accompanied by purring, rolling over, or rubbing against objects of affection.  And when this happens, you’ve got a happy feline.  That is a good situation for both felines and humans.

To the humans in white coats, this behavior is still a mystery.  They do not understand the biological reasons behind it.  What they can say, though is that this cat behavior is harmless.

If you have a feline that drools, however, make sure that you are seeing happy drooling.  Sometimes, when you give us a medicine that does not taste good, or if we get an injection like a diabetic cat like me needs, we will drool.Why Drooling Cat Drools is a Mysterious Cat Behavior

But if a feline that has never drooled before starts to drool or if it starts to happen when the feline is clearly not happy, it may be time for a visit to the humans in white coats.  You should definitely schedule a trip there if you also see watering eyes, which is an indication of a respiratory infection.

Other things that can cause drooling are heat stroke, mouth infections, and some poisons.  If you suspect something is wrong, do not hesitate and call the humans in white coats.

Otherwise, enjoy the purring, head bonks, sandpaper kisses, and drooling.  If you are nice, we will clean up the drool for you when we give you sandpaper kisses.

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