Diabetic Cat Who Survived Sandy Needs Home

The human told me that in the fall of 2012, a very dangerous storm caused a lot of damage near where we used to live.  This storm, which was called Hurricane Sandy, destroyed a lot of homes.  That meant that many humans and many felines were displaced.  Around 200,000 humans were displaced as a result of the storm and many felines were also displaced.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is Looking to Place a Diabetic CatThe felines who had no homes were sent to shelters around the country, and that is how a feline who was made homeless due to a storm on the other side of the country ended up close to me.  Around 50 felines and canines were flown across the country to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

The humans at the Helen Woodward Animal Center have done a great job placing these Hurricane Sandy survivors, as only two of them are left at the shelter.  One of them is a diabetic cat like me.

His name is Tommy, and according to the shelter, he is about 11 years old.   He and I have another thing in common besides being diabetic cats.  We both made the long trip across the country on a big metal tube and now we are enjoying the southern California sunshine.

Tommy is a Diabetic Cat who is a Hurricane Sandy SurvivorTommy is smaller than me, weighing 11.5 pounds versus my 19.3 pounds.  And he’s missing one thing that I have.  A furever home.

Because of his diabetes, he has been in the shelter for more than a year.  That is way too long for a feline to not have a home.  It is clear that the humans running the shelter are very kind ones, because they have given Tommy noms and insulin for the past year.  But he deserves a home that he can call his own.

Is there room in your heart and home for this kind feline?  If there isn’t, can you please share his story so that someone else can give him one?

You can also help the Helen Woodward Animal Center by giving green paper things to help feed and medicate Tommy.

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2 Replies to “Diabetic Cat Who Survived Sandy Needs Home”

  1. OMG I so wish to help this poor sweet heart. Can´t understand that people don´t want a feline because of an illness. That must be humans without any illness themselves. They don´t understand that a diabetic cat is just as lovely and sweet as a healthy one. Sharing this because I can´t take him in and I also live too far away! Lots of love to sweet Tommy! Keep my fingers crossed for you baby! <3

    1. I understand why some humans may not be able to handle the challenges that diabetic cats like me and Tommy present. But I am hopeful that he will find a human who can soon. The poor guy has been in the shelter for more than a year now.

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