Feline Fanciers Help Burn Victim Russell

The story of Russell starts out very sadly, as some humans lost everything they had in a fire.  In addition to their belongings, they lost their beloved four legged furiends.  Russell was thought to have perished in the fire.  While the humans were happy to be alive, they were very sad at the loss of their furiends, both canine and feline.

But Russell was too tough to succumb to his injuries, and this cat rescue story is an amazing one.  This strong and brave feline suffered second and third degree burns to his face, ears, paws, and rectum.  In addition, there was serious damage to his mouth and tongue.  All of the fur on his body had been burned off.  And because Russell was presumed dead, nobody went to feed him for four days, so he was suffering from hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver syndrome.

Russell's Cat Rescue Story Started Sadly But Looks Much BetterNot surprisingly, Russell was in a lot of pain.  But when he was found, he was immediately taken to the humans in white coats at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care in Raleigh, North Carolina.  There, Russell started getting treated with pain medication and emergency treatments to help him survive.   This stabilized his condition, but the poor feline was still in bad shape.

The cat rescue story got better, as Russell was sedated for treatment.  During the time in which he was sedated, the tips of his ears were amputated, and his burns were cleaned and dressed.  A feeding tube was inserted, as he could not feed himself.  And he remained under sedation for several days so that he did not suffer too much pain.

Naturally, all this treatment required lots of green paper things.  But just like with Lucky, many humans were moved by Russell’s story and helped finance the treatment required to complete this cat rescue story.  Donations came in from all across the United States, Canada, England, and from all the way on the other side of the world in South Africa.

Fellow burn victim Justin also held fundraisers to help fund Russell’s treatment.   All the efforts were rewarded, as the humans in white coats soon had enough green paper things to take care of Russell’s treatment.

Russell's Cat Rescue Story will be fully funded!Russell still has a long way to go before his cat rescue story will be complete.  Therefore, the humans in white coats are still allowing donations to flow in.  Any leftover funds after Russell’s recovery is complete will go to taking care of the treatment of his canine furiend who had to be euthanized and then to the follow up care Russell will need even after he goes home.

Please share Russell’s story.  It is a heartwarming one about how humans from many places who do not know a feline will rally around him to make his cat rescue story complete.  And if you want to help, please do!

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4 Replies to “Feline Fanciers Help Burn Victim Russell”

  1. Awww sweet Russel! They couldn´t have kept me out of the fire if I knew one of my boys was there! I would´ve run in to get them out! Love them too much to just let it go! <3 Hope Russel soon will feel better! <3

      1. Good! I thought they just believed him dead and left him. I feel so sorry for him. I don´t think I could cope if our babies was hurt like that! <3 Thank you for letting me know. My heart is at peace then! <3 So sorry about their Canin friend! <3 :'(

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