A Tough Cat Survives Being Caught in Trap

There are many things I must endure because I am a diabetic cat and many of them are not fun.  But because I am an indoor only cat, there are things that I do not have to worry about.  There are many risks that felines who are outdoor felines have to be careful for.  However, an illegal bear trap is not something that any cat, indoor or out, should have to worry about.

Scruffy's Cat Rescue Story Starts With Him Getting Home Despite This TrapScruffy, a tabby cat who lives in Royal Oaks, California, unfortunately had to endure the pain inflicted by a bear trap.  These traps are illegal and for good reason.  Never mind the damage they can inflict on a cat like Scruffy.  If a human is caught in one, the damage can be very severe.  It is likely that a broken ankle will result.

Now imagine that on a smaller feline paw.  That’s why Scruffy’s cat rescue story is so amazing.  He dragged himself back home with the trap attached and a four foot long chain.  His human went to pet him, and realized that the poor feline had his paw caught in the trap.  Scruffy was immediately rushed to the East Lake Animal Clinic.

The humans in white coats were able to remove the bear trap from Scruffy’s leg, but it took two of them a lot of work to do this.  Scruffy has lost all feeling in the paw below the point where the trap clamped down, and it’s very possible he may need to have his paw amputated.

Scruffy is recovering.  One of the humans in white coats said that Scruffy is “bright, alert, happy, purring, and doing all the kitty things he should be doing.”  That is good news, and means that the cat rescue story will be a happy one.  And these humans in white coats were very kind.  While Scruffy’s human would gladly have paid for the treatment, they are not asking for any green paper things.

In the meantime, the local SPCA is investigating.  These traps are very dangerous, and Scruffy’s human is worried that a small human “could easily step into one of those traps and get hurt.”  Then instead of a cat rescue story, we will have to talk about a human rescue story.

Let’s hope that the illegal traps are removed, and that both small humans and felines can play safely.

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2 Replies to “A Tough Cat Survives Being Caught in Trap”

  1. What an amazing boy Scruffy is to get himself back home so his human could help him! I hope they catch the evil, sick bastard who set this trap. This was no accident- humans know these are illegal and the psychopath who set it up in a residential area had to have known someone’s pet or child could have become harmed by it. This tells me they knew this and did not care, it might have even been someone who doesn’t like neighborhood cats coming in their yard and so put the bear trap out. To try and trap a bear with such a torturous device is pathetic and a sign of extreme mental instability. Unfortunately Scruffy is not alone as more and more cats, feral, homeless, and ones who have homes are being targeted by abusive humans using them as scapegoats for their own pathetic feelings of inferiority and insecurity by being shot, hit by arrows, poisoned, set afire, and other unspeakable and inhumane acts. I have signed many petitions to make animal cruelty laws harsher and to create registries of these people, but I worry not enough people realize the epidemic it is becoming, especially when the economy worsens so do people in what they do. Thank you Bagheera for bringing these stories to people’s attention, it is a problem that affects the safety and humanity of all species.

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