Glucose Reading Update for Week of 2/23

Hello, kind humans.  Many of you have asked that I keep you informed about what’s happening with my blood sugar readings.  As you know, diabetic cats like me have glucose levels that are just too high.  In order to keep our blood sugar levels in check, we need to be put on a special diet and we also need insulin shots.

This is why I must endure two ear sticks a day as well as insulin shots.  I do not like this, but it is something that I have come to accept as what I must tolerate since I am a diabetic cat.

Diabetic Cats Like Me Must Have Our Blood Sugar Monitored and Controlled

Last week, I told you about my blood sugar readings and how the average for the past 50 readings was 241.  This week, things were a little better.  The high for the week was 300, and the low was 114.  The average reading for the week was 227, so that’s better than what it was last week.

This is still higher than we like, and one thing that the human noticed is that after we went down to 5.5 units, we would see a significant spike in the blood sugar readings.  The human is thinking that instead of dropping the my dosing down to 5.5 units when my blood sugar is between 100 and 150, he will keep it at six units.

There are some humans who recommend that dosing levels for a diabetic cat be kept consistent no matter how high or how low the glucose readings are.  The only exceptions, they say, should be when the glucose readings are so low that hypoglycemia is a potential risk.

The human is leery of giving me six units if my blood sugar drops into the double digits, so he is going to give me 5.5 if that happens.  But from 100 to 250, I will receive six units.  And above 250, I will get 6.5

Obesity can potentially cause your cat to become a diabetic catThis will mean that for most of my readings, I will receive a consistent dose of insulin.  And that may be very helpful in getting these numbers under control.

I will update you next week with the latest.  Let’s hope I can keep those numbers between 100 and 200!

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  1. Purring and thinking good thoughts for you Bagheera! Your human and friends love you a lot and want to see you well for a long time, so I’m sure your routine/plan for how much insulin you get will help balance things out. My mancat Kaspars says you are a brave and tough dude to endure those daily tests and shots.

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