Meet Mydia, A Cat Rescued From the Freeway

Mydia is one lucky cat.  She was rescued in a snowstorm, and the humans who helped write this cat rescue story would not have seen her if they were not on the road to help find some cats that had disappeared.

The human who rescued Mydia was in one of those metal boxes with wheels, on her way to find out what happened to three stray cats that a friend of hers was feeding.  She was worried because these cats had disappeared.

On the drive over, she noticed a small black object in the median.  The other human in the metal box with wheels said that it was likely a shoe.  But this human wanted to check it out to make sure, so she quickly exited the interstate and came back the other direction.  She noticed that the object had ears, and that is when she realized she was looking at a feline!

The human pulled over in the median, and approached the scared feline.  Remember, it was snowing at the time.  It is good for Mydia that it was snowing, because the contrast between her black fur and the white snow made it easy for her to be spotted.

This kind human was scared that the cat rescue story could not be written, because the feline would hear her coming and run away.  Fortunately, because the cat was facing the other way and the noise of the traffic drowned out the sounds of the human approaching, she was able to get to the feline and pat it’s face and back.  When the cat didn’t resist, she put the cat in her scarf and took the poor thing into her box with wheels.

Mydia was the only cat the human found that day, and she took her new furiend to the humans in white coats.  Here, she learned that Mydia is one lucky feline to have this cat rescue story told about her.  The humans in white coats said that Mydia was likely thrown from a car.  She had damage to her nails, paw pads, and a cut under her eye.

Mydia's Cat Rescue Story Starts in a Highway Median During a SnowstormBut despite these injuries, she is a lucky feline.  And she is recovering with the human who found her and decided to make sure her cat rescue story could be told.

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