Cat Shot With More than 60 BBs Adopted

Furiends, you remember the story I told you about Joe the Cat, who was shot 17 times with a pellet gun.  The evil humans who tortured him were caught by the humans with badges and now Joe is recovering from his injuries.  As amazing as Joe’s cat rescue story is, Arrow’s is even more so.

The injuries inflicted on Joe were horrible, but some evil humans were even worse to Arrow.  This poor feline was shot over 60 times with a BB gun, and 20 of those pellets remain in his head.  What kind of evil and cruel human would do such a thing?

Arrow was found on January 18th wandering near a shopping mall.  He was taken to the humans in white coats because he had a respiratory infection.  An X-Ray was taken, and the humans in white coats were horrified to learn that Arrow’s body was full of buckshot and BB pellets.

Arrow's Cat Rescue Story is an Amazing OneArrow, like Joe, lost an eye due to his horrific abuse.  But he was very grateful to the humans who helped with his cat rescue.  He was “affectionate, sweet, and very, very dear,” said the human who would eventually adopt him.

Arrow's Cat Rescue Ends With Him Being Adopted by a Special HumanThe humans in white coats decided to leave the pellets inside Arrow because it would be more dangerous to remove them.  Fortunately, despite having more than 60 pellets lodged in his body, all of Arrow’s major organs were not damaged.

Arrow quickly became a feline that the humans at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington came to love.  He returned that love, and despite having every reason to not trust humans, any time a human called to him or made noises to let him know they were close, he would come over to them.  I love my human, and I have never been abused, but I do not always come over when he calls me!

The humans at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington were “sad, in a good way, to see [Arrow] go.”  They said that he was a special cat and “he pretty much let us do anything to him.”  Even though Arrow is blind, he gets around just fine and “uses his other senses so well.”

Arrow will be going to a home with a human who is very happy to have him.  “He’s a special fellow.  I feel like I won the lottery,” Arrow’s human said.

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2 Replies to “Cat Shot With More than 60 BBs Adopted”

  1. OMG I get so upset to learn about how abusive “humans” (if you even can call them that, more like scum) can be to small lovely friends! Happy Arrow found a furever home! <3 <3 <3

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