My Fellow Diabetic Cat Snowball Needs Home

Furiends, you know that one of my favorite organizations is Diabetic Cats in Need.  These wonderful humans have saved over 600 diabetic cats.  You could say that I caught a bad break when I developed diabetes.  But I do not agree.  I am fortunate to have a human who has enough green paper things to take care of me properly.  Diabetic Cats in Need helps many humans who do not.

The financial burden that we diabetic cats place on the humans who care for us often causes us to be surrendered.  That is not why a pretty feline names Snowball was surrendered, but this poor girl has been surrendered multiple times. Diabetic cat Snowball relaxing

First, she was given up with her son because the humans who were taking care of these felines were moving and could not take them along.  She was adopted, but then she was returned to the shelter due to an allergic reaction from a small human living in that home.

Snowball didn’t have to wait too long to find another human to take her in.  But that human brought her back due to litter box issues.  It was after she was brought back again that she was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

My fellow diabetic cat Snowball needs a homeMany shelters do not keep difficult to adopt cats like Snowball for very long, so she was at risk of being euthanized.  A volunteer talked to one of the humans in white coats, and she was rPlease help my fellow diabetic cat Snowball find a homeescued from the shelter.  Sadly, she has been there for far too long.  Snowball, who has pretty blue eyes like Marley, has been at the Little Silver Animal Hospital for almost a year!

The humans in white coats feel bad because they do not think anyone will adopt this sweet girl.  She does not get along with other cats, and they think that Snowball is urinating inappropriately because of the other cats.  They sent 1,000 emails to their clients, but nobody adopted Snowball.  And the humans who rescued her do not ever call to see how she is doing.My fellow diabetic cat Snowball is a pretty girl!

One kind human has stepped up to cover all of Snowball’s transportation costs.  Now all that is needed is another kind human to give my fellow diabetic cat a furever home.

Snowball does not like other cats, but she loves humans.  She is a lap cat and loves to be around humans.  She would be best in a home where she can be an only cat.

If you have room in your home and heart for this pretty girl, please call the Little Silver Animal Hospital at 732-842-8266 and let them know.  If you can’t take her in, please share her story so that someone can.

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  1. I´ve shared and even wrote a small plea along to wake up everyones eyes! Praying for sweet Snowball and keeping my fingers crossed for her! <3 <3 <3

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