Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s 3/30 Readings

Hello, kind humans.  You know that as a diabetic cat, I need to make sure that my glucose readings are monitored closely.  We need to make sure that we keep them in a safe range.  If my blood sugar gets over 300 and stays there for a long time, it can cause some serious problems.  But if it gets below 40, which is a hypoglycemic situation, it can be very dangerous.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Flirted with HypoglycemiaLast week was a challenging one for both me and the human.  The week started off okay, but then things got interesting and challenging.  I had to visit the humans in white coats on Tuesday of last week.

Fortunately, the news was good, and the humans in white coats said that we should treat my flirtation with hypoglycemia as an isolated incident.  They ran blood tests on me, and everything was good.  In fact, my blood sugar levels were below a range where I would have been diagnosed as a diabetic cat!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar Readings for the Week of 3/30Sadly, things did not stay that way.  They jumped right back up after I went without insulin.  For the week, my blood sugar averaged 218.  This is actually pretty much where it was last week, when it was 213.  And that is with some high readings, with the top reading coming in at 360.  The low reading for the week was flirting with hypoglycemia, when it came in at 41.

We are not too far away from where we want to be.  If I can get my blood sugar levels to average below 200, that will be fine.  I will still be a diabetic cat, but then we can call my diabetes well controlled with insulin and diet.

And that is not a bad outcome for me.  It would be best if I never had to take any insulin any more, but it is okay if my diabetes is controlled.

I will let you know what happens with my blood sugar levels next week.  Hopefully, we will get them to average less than 200!

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3 Replies to “Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s 3/30 Readings”

  1. Awww sweet Bagheera, so sorry that it is a bit jumpy for you too. Not so fun when your human need to take your bloodsamples to put the right insuline. I do it also so I know that you think it stinks. But as both of us have the same problem we must deal with it. I think you are a very brave boy! <3 Lots of love and good thougths your way! <3

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