Nimbus and Cirrus Reunited, Find Home

Furiends, sometimes it takes a while for me to share some good news.  I did not get a chance to share a wonderful cat adoption story brought to us by the kind humans at Tenth Life Cats.  But I decided that even though it had been a while since this cat adoption took place, it was such a good story I would share it.

I am fortunate and live in a place where I do not have to worry about those cold white things falling from the sky.  Nor do I have to worry about it getting too cold.  Jacey, Marley and I get to work on our fur tans all year long.  Many felines don’t get to do this.

Nimbus is Part of a Very Happy Cat AdoptionIn St. Louis, this is not the case.  It gets cold and those white wet things fall from the sky.  Right when it was getting cold, Nimbus was transferred from the City of St. Louis Animal Care and Control to Tenth Life.  Nimbus has a condition called eyelid agenesis.  It makes him have very distinctive eyes, but it does not cause him any pain.  Because Nimbus was in good health, Tenth Life put him on the cat adoption list.

A few days later, just before a storm came which brought lots of those white wet things that fall from the sky, St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach was called when a smart feline named Cirrus ran into a human’s home.  This feline was transferred to Tenth Life as well, because he had the same condition. Cirrus is Part of a Happy Cat Adoption Story

Later, Tenth Life learned that both of the felines had been found in the same neighborhood by different rescue groups.  They were reunited by Tenth Life and it was clear that they were related.

Jacey and I are furiends and we do not get this close.  We will sometimes sit on the same couch, or on the human’s bed together, but we do not get this close.  It became very clear that Cirrus and Nimbus were related.  Those who were considering a cat adoption of these two were asked to keep them together.

Well, there is good news about these two brothers.  They have been adopted, and now these two brothers never have to worry about being outside in the cold or those white wet things falling from the sky.

Cat adoptions are wonderful stories.  They’re even better when two brother felines are reunited as part of them!

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  1. Awww love to hear about Nimbus and Cirrus! Both so beautiful and I´m really happy their human adopted them together! <3 Love happy stories! <3 Thank you Bagheera! <3

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