Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s 4/6 Readings

Furiends, sadly, I am still on the blood sugar roller coaster.  The good news is that I am not flirting with hypoglycemia, although we had some fairly low blood sugar levels.  But my blood sugar gets low enough to where the human does not want to give me any insulin, and then not surprisingly, my blood sugar level spikes.

The Blood Sugar Roller CoasterIt is better for my blood sugar to do this than to risk hypoglycemia.  A day or two where my blood sugar is too high is not good for me, but it will not harm me.  It is like when the human goes and drinks those things that make him walk even more clumsily than he normally does.  Those are not good for him, but if he does not have too many of them, it is okay.

That is what high blood sugar is like for me.  It is not good, and it is best if my glucose readings are in the normal range.  But I can handle a day or two where it’s too high.  And it is better to be there than to risk hypoglycemia, which is a medical emergency.

For the week, while my blood sugar levels were higher than we wanted, they still averaged below the 300 threshold that we consider dangerous over the long term.  The lowest blood sugar reading we saw was a reading of 52.  The highest came after we saw a reading of 71, and the human did not want to give me any insulin.  My blood sugar spiked all the way up to 430 at the next reading.

Last week, my average blood sugar reading was 223.  The human and I would like to see me lose about 25 points so we can get that average below 200.  Then the human will be happy, and that will make me happy, too!

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  1. Oh Bagheera, we are the same there… My bloodsugar is also doing the roller coaster… Quite tired of it, but I try and try and try but it doesn´t help. So just more tests to keep track of it. Hope your human and you will get it under control. Try to move the same every day and also eat the same every day… That´s the only advice I can think of! Lots of love to you Bagheera <3

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