Dying Human Needs Home for His Feline

Furiends, the story I am going to share with you today is a very sad one.  Both a human and his feline are in difficult situations.  The human, sadly, will soon leave us.  This human is gravely ill, and his condition is terminal.  Before he leaves, he wants the comfort of knowing that his special needs cat, who has FIV, will have a home.

This man has many feline furiends, and rescue groups have stepped in to give him some peace as he prepares to leave us.  There is only one feline who does not have a home to go to, and that’s the special needs cat.  The FIV he has made rescue groups very reluctant to take him.

The FIV this feline has makes him a very difficult cat to adopt out.  Add in his age, and it becomes even more so.  He has a hematoma on his ear, which he’s had for some time.  And then he’s also got a mouth blister.  It’s clear this feline lived a rough life before he found a home with the human companion he will soon lose.

Please Help This Special Needs Cat Find a HomeAfter fighting his way to find a home where he was loved and didn’t have to deal with the rough life he lived before, he gained wisdom and calmness.  It shows in his purrs, which are smooth and gentle.  If he could talk to you humans, I am sure he would have an amazing story to tell.

I know you all have room in your heart for this brave boy, who will soon lose the human who gave him a place where he could thrive.  Now we have to work together to find him a home.  Remember, FIV positive felines can live with other felines because the disease is spread through deep puncture wounds caused by serious cat fights.

Let’s help a dying man find peace, and help a older special needs cat find a home to happily spend his remaining days.  If you can help, please contact Cote Animal Hospital at 858-452-7100 or send an email.

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  1. Awww sweet little fellow! I so much wish I lived closer so I could adopt him. If I wasn´t able to have him because of my babies I would adopt him for my father´s sake. But we live too far apart. Oh I hope that he will get a home soon. I copied this address so others can read and hopefully there is someone wanting this sweet baby! <3 <3 Please if you hear what happens to him, will you let us know! <3 All my love to this brave fellow! <3

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