Five Good Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Cat

Furiends, you know that the human has always adopted the felines he has brought into his life.  We are all rescue cats, and some of us were in more desperate need than others.  When the human adopted the two cats who he brought into his life before me, they needed homes very quickly.  Both Tigger and Pepe were adopted from the Montgomery County Humane Society.  The human is not sure, but back then, they may have been one of the shelters that would only hold felines for a short time and then euthanize them.

A Rescue Cat Looking for a HiomeJacey, Marley, and I are also rescue cats.  I was adopted from the Animal Sanctuary Society in New Jersey.  Jacey came from an organization called Animals Rule Rescue.  They mainly focus on canines, so the human was very fortunate that Jacey was available as a rescue cat.  And Marley comes from an organization called Joanie & Suzie’s Cat Adoptions.

The human knows there are many good reasons to adopt a rescue cat.  Here are five:

  • You help save a life.  Even no kill shelters run out of space, and when you adopt, you open up a space in that shelter for a feline in need.
  • We are not bad cats.  Many people think rescue cats have behavioral issues or something wrong with them.  That is not true.  There are many reasons we end up in rescue.
  • We will be forever grateful.  We felines are smarter than you think.  We know that when we are in a shelter, it is because a human did not want us anymore.  So when a human says, yes, I want this feline in my home, we return that gesture with as much love as we can give you.
  • You will be putting an end to backyard breeding.  Bengal cats like me are often abused by greedy breeders who do not care about the health of their felines.  You can help stop this.
  • The selection of cats is tremendous.  From orange and white domestic short hairs like Tigger to black and white domestic short hairs like Pepe to exotic cats like me, JacRescue Cats Seeking a Homeey, and Marley, you have a wide range of felines to select from.  You would be surprised at the number of bengal cats who are rescue cats because the humans who brought them home did not know what to expect!

These are five good reasons to adopt a rescue cat.  Can you think of more?

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