Romeo Recovers from Horrible Animal Abuse

I know that the readers of my blog would never engage in animal abuse.  And I know that most humans are kind humans, and are disgusted by the very thought of this.  Sadly, that does not apply to all humans.

A cruel and evil human Texas committed an act of horrible animal abuse.  Romeo is a one year old feline who lives in east Texas with a human who loves him and who has been there all throughout his life.  This human has been with Romeo “from day one,” adding that he watched Romeo’s birth.

Imagine this human’s horror when he was working outside, and he heard his furiend Romeo screaming in pain.  “He looked like he had been scalded.  He was still drenched in the liquid he was burned in.”

As soon as this human picked up Romeo, he knew his feline furiend was a victim of animal abuse.  “You could definitely smell gas on him,” he said.  He added that when he put a towel on poor Romeo, there was a “heavy odor of gas.”

Romeo was rushed to the humans in white coats at Van Zandt Animal Care CenterRomeo is recovering from a horrific case of animal abuse.  Romeo “was definitely in a lot of pain,” said one of the humans in white coats.  He was not sure that they were going to be able to save Romeo, who suffered burns over 40 percent of his back, but his humans insisted on trying.  “They were willing to put a lot of time and effort into it,” he said.

“I’ve never seen anybody do something like this. I’ve heard of people maliciously hurting animals, but I’ve never seen it,” he added.

The SPCA is investigating this evil act of animal abuse, and they have a bigger concern.  “There’s an enormous danger that a person who has the capacity of doing this to an animal is going to move on to people,” they said.

Romeo’s human agrees.  “Who would know we got a psycho living close to us?”  He added, “anybody that’s capable of this will pull anything.”  And he’s asking for the community to find Romeo’s abuser.  “If you know who did this, make a call. Get them the help they need.”, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

Romeo is getting the help he needs, but until the evil human who committed this horrible act is caught, other felines and canines are at risk.  I hope he is caught soon.

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2 Replies to “Romeo Recovers from Horrible Animal Abuse”

  1. OMG what a cruel thing to do. Those doing these kind of things to an innocent animal that can´t do anything to defend itself must be charged with big things. Jail for lifetime would settle for me and animal lovers at the jail that would look for rights for the animal! This poor baby need to see the abusers in custody! GRRRRR getting really more and more upset! :/ Love to sweet Romeo! Shared so maybe out there in the States someone knows who did this! Please come forward and don´t hide it!

  2. Sick and twisted bastards! This makes me livid and want to teach the culprit who did this heinous crime a lesson.
    Poor Romeo I hope he has a painless recovery and his family will see justice for him. He is one brave mancat, with a strong will to survive. His survival and recovery is a bit of justice in itself, as it shows the evil psycho who did this that good DOES triumph over evil.

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