Small Humans Donations Save A Cat Rescue

Furiends, you know that I love to share stories about the kind humans who perform cat rescue.  I have shared many stories of my fellow felines who were in dire need of help when they were taken in by a cat rescue organization.  I especially love sharing stories from cat rescue groups that take care of my fellow special needs cats.

But today, I will share with you a story of a cat rescue organization that needed to be saved.  And it was saved, by a number of small humans who banded together to help.

Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue Was Rescued by Small Humans

Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue was formed in January 2013.  Initially, it took in felines of all kinds.  But after a while, they decided that they would focus on rescuing cats who were the most difficult to rescue — special needs cats.

Special needs cats, as you know, are the last ones to be adopted from shelters, which have limited space.  Many felines spend their last days in a metal cage, and before they leave us, they only get a few minutes of love from the humans who are the last creatures they see before they go.

The San Antonio shelter is one of the shelters where a special needs cat who is surrendered there essentially has been given a death sentence.  They are one of the shelters where Wayward Whiskers pulls cats from.An Adoptable Cat from Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue

Wayward Whiskers was running low on green paper things, and they were facing closing their doors.  Many felines would have lost their chance at a happy life if this happened.

That is when some very kind humans in the fourth grade class at Hidden Cove Elementary school stepped in.  They donated supplies and money to the rescue, and now the rescue is going to be able to continue its mission.

This is very good news.  Many of my fellow special needs cats will find a home thanks to the efforts of Wayward Whiskers, and the rescue that some small humans performed on the organization.

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2 Replies to “Small Humans Donations Save A Cat Rescue”

  1. This is wonderful! I really love it when kids are so caring and generous. I worked in a shelter, and I was always so impressed at the number of kids who asked for donations instead of birthday presents – amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This gives me leaky eyes- ones of happiness and joy that so many young souls are compassionate and were dedicated to have helped save this rescue. As you know Bagheera, Phoebe and her sister were special needs kitties like you, so I am a big advocate of rescues that help them. I hope these kids receive lots of kudos from their community and that people in the world who read this story will be inspired to do something to help special needs animals and shelters in their area.

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